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  1. Greetings. Curious to as if anyone could translate what is written on this label. Truly appreciate any assistance. Thank you.
  2. Hello all. Excited that i snagged this nice grouping to a Bombardier. I have started to look into what possible Bomber Squadron LT Paul Newman was part of but as of now have not figured out. Love that this group has a Diary detailing each mission. Lt Newman flew in Austria,Italy,Romania,France. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for letting me share.
  3. Wonderful Medal. RIP Carl.
  4. Great uniform! Glad you were able to find period documents to help with your research.
  5. Nice find and great price!
  6. Quite a nice Alasaka Defense uniform.
  7. Wow! Outstanding Pharmacist mate group! Great colored period photograph.
  8. Wonderful group. Really rare unit! Really enjoy seeing the period photos.
  9. Now that is a great lid! Really unique! Thanks for sharing.
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