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  1. Hello Everyone I wonder if someone could tell me,( or advise on any book that will tell me) as to just what patches and other insignia would go on an enlisted mans m43 jacket, who was serving with the 407th Airborne Quartermaster company late 44-45 I look forward to your reply's .thank you. regards Nick
  2. Hello Johan I'm curious. Does anything remain of camp Tophat today? regards Nick
  3. Hello Evan Thank you very much for that info. Only 25,000 and quite early ! Thank you very much regards Nick
  4. Hello Doyler Your patch does indeed look very similar. Mine is painted as opposed to your woven patch. Did 40th sqd fly Bell Aircobras? I seem to recall someone told my that when they saw my jacket. regards Nick
  5. Hello Phantomfixer Now you have told me that it could well read 42-18777-P .Yes indeed the pockets do have 45% bottom corners. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge regards Nick
  6. Hey Matt Thank you very much for your response Regards Nick
  7. Hello Everyone I have an A2 jacket which has quite a worn label but I was wondering if if it gives any clues to you guys as to the year it was manufactured? What i can make out is the following Type A2 OWG No 30-1415 order no.42-3777-P Property US Air Force US ARMY
  8. Hello Everyone I have what I understand is an early US pistol belt (Brass Buckle and Sliders) It has also 1127 marked in black on the inside of the belt Could any of you please tell me if this number relates to anything? regards Nick
  9. Interesting project. Curious to hear how it,s progressing? Nick
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