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  1. MANS might mean "Marine Aerial Navigation School". The 31 might be the class number. MANS was first at Camp Kearny, San Diego, in about 1942. MANS has been in several places including Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and Mathers Air Force Base.
  2. I have a nearly identical chit that has all of the characters. I have a friend who speaks Chinese. He has translated it for me: "I am an American soldier assisting the Chinese, if something happens to me or if I am injured, please provide assistance and notify the closest Chinese and American troops". I received this chit with other items in a group of an American sailor who was stationed in China as a part of SACO in 1944-1945.
  3. Another patch for VF-124. Apparently this patch was produced to be sewn to a cap.
  4. VF-124 Stingarees was aboard USS Hancock, part of CVG-12, Far Eastern Cruise, 1955-56, flying the Vought Cutlass F7U-3.
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