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  1. Nice find of a stenciled scabbard
  2. Looking for advice on rebuilding this knife. From a WW2 SeeBee. The bakelite washers have crumbled over time. Have period plexiglass for repair.
  3. It was my typo mistake....it is CL 104...51 was sunk.
  4. Lance; I still have it but have a lot of difficulty posting photos. Ancient PC and PC challenged operator. There some of these floating around and the work is all the same on those I have personally examined. Homer Brett has more info on these which will, I believe, corroborate my info. Yr, obdt svt Al
  5. I think these are "Paul Hout"specials. I knew him in the 70's. Superb collection and wealth of knowledge regarding M1 bayonets. I think he and a buddy made these up ....got my USS ATLANTA CL 51 from him. Style of workmanship is the same on all I have seen. Just saying. But, he was a great guy to a new collector, I still have many bayonets I bought from him.
  6. Item posted was made from a PAL bayonet. The "notch outs"on the back of the crossguard are PAL production distinct. Also, the oval guard is distinct to PAL production on the "bayonet knives" and their bayonet prodution. IE; I can spot a PAL bayonet w/o picking it up just by the "notch outs ". A PAL spear-point is typical. Possibly postwar surplus parts or war production rejects. That style sheath also shows up on PAL products with some regularity. It is a very nice example of PAL "bayonet" knife
  7. NOT a 1001 intrenching Machete or later version. Blade thickness a definite difference. Also, the rivets do not appear to be COLLINS but need a better look. IMO this is a cut down machete but probably not a Collins. For the lack of better info: just someones'home shop yard tool.
  8. I believe those are correct "later" grips for the M5A1 and also used on the M6. Nice set of grips; I would keep them as is for a later restoration project.
  9. That is a nice buy. I like VP patches so the VP-92 is especially cool to me. Good for you and your day.
  10. tankerman

    UFH M1 ?

    Good piece that went thru a refurbish. SOME out there would want the WT release... Ditto on REMMAN 's observations. And prewar refurbs seem to have higher count per inch lines. Of note; at present I have 10 different sets of plastic grips. Primarily lines per inch, makers, brown, etc.
  11. I believe the shape of the tang precludes it from being made from a machete. Machetes did not have round tangs and the work to "create öne would be a case of "more trouble than it is worth'. to do this. Much easier ways to make a knife.
  12. Chilean scabbard is seldom seen. Nice set of Johnson bayonets. thanks for posting. BTW...Johnson's are a real treat to shoot, IMO
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