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  1. Thanks! It certainly looks angular without hand finishing. Thanks for the view!
  2. Any thoughts on this wing? It certainly looks very angular, but appears to be stamped and not cast. The only wing type I could find that was close was tv allen. Of course, it might be fake also, thus the need for opinions.
  3. Looking at photos on another thread and noticed this photo. Notice how it has some of the vertical "striping" like the wings you posted. Looks like a similar attempt to create the look of a bullion wing.
  4. Very interesting wing! Where in the world do you run across such things? Do you think this is a "one off" custom made badge?
  5. Pretty spiffy! I did not know they were still having shows with Covid around. Chris, could you post a photo of the reverse as well?
  6. Plenty of light, fertilizer and water should do the trick!
  7. Interesting! Thanks for the information. I had envisioned that all training was performed at one camp for each pilot/crew member.
  8. Cool wing When you say "hand made", do you mean that someone (not Robbins) made the wing using a Robbins wing as a model?
  9. Chris- is there any relationship to Haltom wings, as they both have the same shaped shields? What was the training base near SF such that pilots would obtain wings there?
  10. Thanks for a very detailed explanation, Pat!
  11. Ran this by Ron Burkey who said it was not a US, French, or German military badge and may be a jewelry piece. I asked about it specifically related to US aero squadrons, which it is not related to.
  12. Any opinions on this? It looks like a casting to me and there is "spill over" of the gold from the "US" onto the shield.
  13. So the star is not attached to the wing? I have one of those separate stars and I never knew what the hell it was! PS- only halfway through? Holy crap- I thought with all the stuff you have posted that we were approaching the end. Thanks again for doing this- I am learning a lot. I may not post a response, but I am reading all of the posts and learning. Thanks again for the effort- it is certainly appreciated.
  14. Well Chris, you, Pat and others have bailed my butt out from buying some fakes. It certainly is a bummer having to tell someone they have bought a fake. But nearly all collectors have purchased a fake at one time or another.
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