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  1. So the star is not attached to the wing? I have one of those separate stars and I never knew what the hell it was! PS- only halfway through? Holy crap- I thought with all the stuff you have posted that we were approaching the end. Thanks again for doing this- I am learning a lot. I may not post a response, but I am reading all of the posts and learning. Thanks again for the effort- it is certainly appreciated.
  2. Well Chris, you, Pat and others have bailed my butt out from buying some fakes. It certainly is a bummer having to tell someone they have bought a fake. But nearly all collectors have purchased a fake at one time or another.
  3. Thanks again for another informative thread. BTW- how many examples of the third type of Robbins wing have you seen? I have not seen such a wing posted anywhere.
  4. Cool- Only two full size pilot's wings? Wow- I guess the chance of running across one is pretty much zero. Thanks for posting- the wing looks in detail comparable to a Haltom or Shreve. Did the full size wing look like the observer as well?
  5. Are the full size Kinney wings WW1 or post war?
  6. Given that their theater lifespan was about two weeks, they probably figured any uniform deviations was a short term problem. Like all new branches of military service, it takes a decade or two to gain the formality and decorum of other branches. Witness some of the "costumes" that were worn in the US military in the west and in the confederate army during the Civil War.
  7. You are a treasure! Homrighous instead of Homrichous? What in the world possessed you to think that the name was simply misspelled and start looking for different spellings? That is certainly clever, however, that would not have been on my list of reasons for lack of information! I wish I had a good camera to post mine. I personally find these wings to be the least attractive of all the wings, in that they have a crude, amateurish appearance to them. They certainly are unique!
  8. Very cool. Did you get that from Daniel griffin? Are you aware of any full size Kinney wings, or just the smaller ones? Where were they made?
  9. Chris- what does the reverse of the three piece badge look like? How much larger are such badges? It looks as though the shield on your three piece wings is much wider at the base, in addition to the wings being more ornate. Is that accurate?
  10. Thanks for the very detailed explanation!
  11. Fantastic history and explanation! Chris- as (from what I understand from your post) Meyer used the same dies to produce wings, can one see die flaws forming on the later wings and/or a decline in the "sharpness" of the strike in later made badges? Are the early made ones always with the same type catch? Are there any wartime badges with the "NS Meyer, New York" stamp, or are they all 60s and 70s restrikes? Thanks again for the excellent information!
  12. Great pics! ( I am terrible with photos). That really shows the details well. I have couple of those and yes, they are very "bowed". Thanks for the pointer on the extra fine horizontal lines on the shield.
  13. Great example! Of note, those look like very poor quality compared to what are the presumed authentic wings. Thanks for posting that example. Looking at the quality of some of the wings not marked "Meyer and Wenthe", I really think that there are original examples. The fakes really look to be of poor quality in comparison.
  14. Got those wings today. Those suckers are HEAVY. They are of really high quality, like a Haltom wing. Certainly more detail than BB&B Dallas wings. The cuts on the peripheral feathers are really deep, like a buzzard or turkey vulture.
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