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  1. Thanks fellas. I had "that feeling". I was going to offer him basically the sum of the parts. He's asking $145. Was thinking of actually stripping off the spray painted gray paint and restoring the can. On a side note...is there even such a beast as a USMC marked bandolier?
  2. Hello all, I have a gent who wants to sell me a WWII ammo can that contains 4 bandoliers of 1952 dated 30-06 M2 in enblocs. Here are the caveats: Can has been spray painted The stamps USN and USMC look really bad. And everything is plastered with 44. Inside of the can, outside of the can, bandoliers, and bandolier straps. The ammunition matches the same lot as the bandolier but I think someone is trying to make this something it's not. What says the hive? Is this a bogus piece? It does not give me the warm fuzzies and he wants to much for it. I can post up more photos if neces
  3. Hey fellas...I acquired a USMC officers uniform lot and contained in it were an officer green blouse w/ trousers, officer khaki blouse w/ trousers, battle scarves, and a shirt. The alpha blouse is moth eaten to no end. The khaki blouse is in nice shape sans the buttons. Would it be a crime to sacrifice the buttons on the alpha blouse to restore the khaki blouse? Thanks for any advice.
  4. I'm certainly not skeptical. I just hope it doesn't start setting some sort of market trend with sellers. Call me paranoid.
  5. That might be. Gee..though..I hope sellers don't start thinking they can get $500 for alpha blouses now!! :pinch:
  6. I was asking myself the same thing!! What is so special about this one?
  7. thanks fellas!! Oh man..I was hoping it was those. I have pair already then!! :w00t:
  8. Hey fellas..I'm trying to put together a late 70's early 80's USMC display and I was wondering what the correct boot would be. Thank you! Any photo reference would be most appreciated. I can't find to much regarding footwear of that time.
  9. That is the second 4th Mar Div blouse that I have seen with a Philippine Liberation medal. I have a 4th blouse with that ribbon. I don't understand this, since the 4th never liberated PI. I'm probably missing something. I also passed on that group since there was no name in the blouse. I know the cover was named...but it seemed to risky to me.
  10. The scopes seem ok. But the reviews on the mounts that come with these are not stellar. They are junk.
  11. Outstanding display!! Very nicely done. I have been inspired. :thumbsup:
  12. What about the Philadelphia Depot cheese steak factory?? They were critical to the war effort.
  13. Ok...I got some serious close ups of the quillon and I now I see where the rivets would be. I understand now. :thumbsup: Well bummer....I wish they hadn't dug them out.
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