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  1. I believe the October date was based upon the Marines scheduled arrival time, it took time to move the 6th Mar Div, and discussions with the Japanese and Chinese the on the surrender details.
  2. Todd’s pick up of Bean’s wings and CBI items really ties the story together nicely.
  3. Wonderful grouping that is safe in good hands! Congrats!
  4. Mr. Hocker again. Band of the Cape Mounted Rifles. Boer War
  5. Love the photo of Persian Gulf Command holding that tin toy aircraft.....looks like a DC-7 or maybe a Lockheed Electra ..those tin airplanes were so popular....love seeing the dime store selections posted!
  6. Thanks all, I do like his style of figure and how they are painted. You will have to post your Christmas set!
  7. Thanks guys! These are made by William Hocker, a California based maker, who produces in the style of Britains Ltd. He has been around since at least the early 80’s. His main range was producing sets that Britain’s never made, to include a Boer War Balloon section. He later expanded into US themes such as these Boxer era Marines. Although photo evidence shows these may not be 100% accurate in their depiction, they are still a favorite of mine and he did include their Colt.
  8. Still like the joy of finding a box of toy soldiers under the tree....
  9. Kevin here is a few additions....first the USS Asheville’s Landing Force Bill laying out the Marine Detachments duties, objectives and table of organization at the start of the Marine Corps permanent presence in Shanghai....at this time the 4th Marines were still racing across the Pacific toward Shanghai. But Marine detachments aboard our Asiatic Fleet could begin landing operations immediately. the second item is a flyer if you will, that appeared around the Legation Quarter in Peking right before the Japanese surrounded the Legation Guard to force their surrender on December 8.
  10. Kevin great read! I think you are spot on!
  11. I am thinking that’s maybe the markers name - Washington & bro ————————— Cincinnati o
  12. That last shot is beautifully displayed Kevin....your items are fantastic!
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