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  1. Pretty sure the cabinet is secure, as is my girl. Don't think OHSA has anything to be concerned over... ;-)
  2. I think you are correct, after the war there was no need for obsolete types like the B-24 or the B-17, though both did end up used in commercial ventures at the EAA's B-17 Aluminium Overcast can attest. The B-29 did go on a little longer though in reduced numbers as it was a newer design and pressurized among other advancements, however it's specific role and design made it unsuited to any commercial ventures at all . Sad to think about now, but really there was no longer any need for them and the metals were in high demand. From aluminium pots, to bombers to pots. Kind of a beating swords int
  3. I'd suspect the lack of a 'serious' qualified buyer and lot's of idiotic offers might have soured the owner on discussing any sale. One really can't blame him. I think a serious offer with a plan for the tank and the finances in place would make a huge difference. I'm sure the owner hasn't hung onto these without developing some emotional attachment, thus the reluctance to discuss selling them. If he wanted to sell them to just anyone there'd be a for sale sign on them.
  4. Thanks, I wish there were more information regarding it. I'd guess it may have been taken at Ford's WIllow Run plant, but I think B-24's were also produced on the west coast?
  5. As a long time user of Fountain pens, I can assure you there are varying widths. It all depends on the type of nib same as with today's ball points, fine, medium, bold, extra bold, etc. Also written on fabric, the ink would tend to bleed creating the effect you are referring to.
  6. I've seen others almost exactly like this one. I'll assume they were produced for training. I know the one we had in a local surplus store was used for that purpose by the Canadian military. I used to love climbing in it and playing with the traverse and elevation wheels tracking passing vehicles on the road.
  7. Just for the record... Pawn Stars, like all 'reality shows' are heavily scripted and nothing on them is real, other than perhaps the bad acting...
  8. Sound advice. I try not to become too fixated on a particular item. At the end of the day, there are as others have mentioned many options and choices out there. The uniform while nice, is not particularly noteworthy or rare, and only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The seller is well aware of this. Put a value in mind and stay firm. Don't give in to the temptation to pay more for it than it is realistically worth. As with most of us, I've fallen into this trap in the past where you just can't seem to let go of an item, then after paying too much a similar or better one comes alon
  9. Hello, I have a WW-2 AAF A-4 Dead Reckoning case complete with the often misplaced and missing Insert 'Navigation Case A-4' I know it was used by navigators to carry various items, but what specifically was required to be in them? I'd guess the current chart, protractor, flight computer, pencils, stop watch, dividers, rulers and such but does anyone know if there's a list of contents out there?
  10. Tell him your concerns and make him a solid offer of say $250.00 if you otherwise like the grouping. If it were my size, I'd look at it just for all the items together. If they're all authentic they'd still add up to a reasonable amount.
  11. Ahh, Thank you for shedding light on that. To my untrained eye there was nothing amiss. I wasn't sure it was even a MOH as there are similar citation ribbons post war.
  12. All I saw was the one photo showing some ribbons, pins, and buttons? McDermut99, I have a few WW2 Victory ribbons bought as part of a lot, I think there were two or three in there so can't see them being all that rare? I would however entertain any reasonable offers. ;-) And forgive my ignorance, but what exactly would the eBay censors have been concerned about?
  13. In perusing eBay, I am often amazed at what some sellers feel their items are worth. I've seen some really high prices on some common items that as Dave mentioned, are laughable. I guess at the end of the day whether a questionable seller, or an ridiculously overpriced item, it is easy for us to just shake our heads and move on. It is after all, entirely up to the buyer and their budget on what items they acquire. If I'm unsure of any seller, I simply pass and deal with those who are honest in their dealings and have a better reputation.
  14. Personally judging from the photos, I think the uniform looks good, though there's no way of knowing if they came as a set or are put together. My concern is the price, though not sure I'd agree with the $100.00 valuation as the jackets alone even missing original patches and brass commonly go for more than that.
  15. And much better than the digital typewriter fonts. They don't duplicate the monotype style of a vintage manual and the unique type of each individual typewriter.
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