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  1. Chris -- You're probably right since it's what the engraved buckle literally means. That said, there are humorous buckles out there and it could have been a joke (i.e. a Master Chief who thought/acted like he was an Admiral 🤣) Bottom line, Occam's razor would say it was for a USCG Rear Admiral.
  2. Here is a photo of the uniform of Donel "Doc" Kinnard MCPO, (1954-1974) Hospital Corpsman with a Philippines made SEAL belt buckle that I just saw on Together We Served for UDT-12. https://navy.togetherweserved.com/usn/servlet/tws.webapp.WebApp?cmd=ShadowBoxProfile&type=Person&ID=461935 In regards to the coast guard buckle above, I suspect it was for a Coast Guard Master Chief. By using the USCG officer eagle rather than a petty officer crow, the buckle makes it clear that the wearer is USCG rather than USN. I don't know the numbers but I suspect there are a lot more
  3. The US Defense Department Police Sergeant buckle above is really neat. Nice find Chris and thanks for posting Ben. I missed seeing it on ebay when is was listed. A few years ago, I picked up this US Navy Master at Arms Law Enforcement To Protect And Serve, Joe Ket. I'm not sure it is a Philippines buckle but thought it was cool. I'm not sure if "Joe Ket" engraved on the store front is the owner's name or something/someone else?
  4. Thanks Ben for the ebay number! I only search ebay listings that have "belt buckle" in the title. I contacted the seller and they provided this low resolution picture of the back which they think could be from the 1970s. The earliest I've seen a dated buckle with this type of back is 1970 followed by one from 1974 and then everything starting in 1978 onward. That said, dated buckles after 1973 are uncommon. Regardless, the engraving is about as good as it gets for any time period.
  5. That's a really nice submariner buckle! Could someone let me know the ebay number -- I couldn't find it -- or post an image of the back side of the buckle which would help date it? @Ryan -- That's a really nice Fort Mills buckle! Congratulations on acquiring! And thank you for posting and sharing! It does look like it might be from the same engraver as the buckle I started this thread with. My guess is that there were probably 100s if not 1000s of engraved Philippine buckles made in the 1930s early 1940s. But that's just a guess.
  6. I love the 3rd Recon buckle. Thanks for posting. I missed it on ebay otherwise I would have bid on it! The winning bidder had the top three bids -- they really wanted it. The buyer got a great deal $26.51 + tax. I also missed the MOBILE TRAINING TEAM MIDPAC PSI buckle -- someone got a good BIN deal on that one too. I did add the HMAS ParramattaDE-46 buckle to my collection -- it was the first foreign navy buckle I'd seen. Another buckle that sold this week BIN quickly which I missed is this Coast Guard buckle fro D.B. Irvine
  7. I've seen one other Boy Scout buckle. It's marked... Guam US Danny Be Prepared OCT 1952.
  8. Well, I like the Snork buckle🙂 I love the skull & crossbones motif. I agree with your comments. I bought this similar style buckle for just $13.74 on ebay in 2011. 1954 -1958 P.N. Davis Montana Philippines
  9. I don't know of any ships buckles from the 1950s. Here are four ship buckle's from the 1960s. The only one of these that I own is USS Ingraham DD-694 one for CDR J. Ferrante Commanding Officer (1962-1964). The USS St Paul buckle may actually be from the 1960s -- we need to research when Pedro L.G. Flores served to better date the buckle.
  10. Thanks Ryan for sharing all the pictures on Instagram. Of the buckles you posted, this may be the favorite one that I've never seen before. I love the eagle and the actual belt is really cool too!
  11. Wow that's a lot more HD buckles than I've ever seen! Great searching! Here are two more HD buckles you can add to your image collection that i've seen...
  12. Lots of really cool stuff! @vforvictory1945 -- Nice Ring. @hink441 -- I love the rocking chair wings. I wonder if it was for someone retiring or as a joke about someone (perhaps an air crew member) who just sits around with nothing to do)? Funny either way! @mds308 -- The napkin rings definitely look Philippine made. Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing guys! I recently picked up the following Harley Davidson buckle (probably from the 1970s)...
  13. @Salvage Sailor Thank you for identifying the rating symbol as a Fire Control Technician! Now I see the radar scope and antenna, but I have to say I would have preferred it to be a treasure chest. 🙂 @vforvictory1945 I'm the new owner of the 1946 Hula Girl P.R.Helm buckle. I bought it about a month ago. It's one of my favorite buckles. The engraver used a metal punch on the back of the buckle to push out the metal on the front for the 3D effect. I wonder if this engraver ever tried to do a mermaid. I hope one shows up one day. Are the wings in the lower right for
  14. @easterneagle87 Thanks for showing the back of the Aviation Electronics Technician buckle. It has the same triangle cutout on the "tab" seen on all Hong Kong buckles. Here's a 1956 Hong Kong buckle. Can someone tell me the rating of this sailor? Looks like a treasure chest to me :-)
  15. The only other dated buckle with a flag is from 1954 but is has the flag of the Philippines which is kind of unique.
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