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  1. @Salvage Sailor Thank you for identifying the rating symbol as a Fire Control Technician! Now I see the radar scope and antenna, but I have to say I would have preferred it to be a treasure chest. 🙂 @vforvictory1945 I'm the new owner of the 1946 Hula Girl P.R.Helm buckle. I bought it about a month ago. It's one of my favorite buckles. The engraver used a metal punch on the back of the buckle to push out the metal on the front for the 3D effect. I wonder if this engraver ever tried to do a mermaid. I hope one shows up one day. Are the wings in the lower right for
  2. @easterneagle87 Thanks for showing the back of the Aviation Electronics Technician buckle. It has the same triangle cutout on the "tab" seen on all Hong Kong buckles. Here's a 1956 Hong Kong buckle. Can someone tell me the rating of this sailor? Looks like a treasure chest to me :-)
  3. The only other dated buckle with a flag is from 1954 but is has the flag of the Philippines which is kind of unique.
  4. Three great buckles Ryan! Thanks for sharing. I've never seen a dated buckle with the American Flag nor a USCG buckle dated 1945. I've seen two 1946 USCG buckles here's a picture of one of them.
  5. The plain Aviation Electronics Technician buckle was made in Hong Kong most likely in the 1960s. Hong Kong buckles are highly polished, scratch easily, engraved with a "rocking" style, and have a unique back to the buckle.
  6. @vforvictory1945 -- Cool buckles Ryan! I love the 1945 USNAF Aircrew buckle. This USMF thread is kind of a sneak peak at that table book 🙂 @easterneagle87 -- I have a "Subase Pearl Harbor" buckle probably from the same engraver. A google search confirms that "SUBASE" is pretty common usage alternative to "sub base"
  7. Rectangular USMC Philippine buckles are rare (1-2%). I know of 5 undated ones and 4 dated ones. Here are two examples... However among the large oval buckles that were popular in the 1970s & 1980s, USMC buckles are common (ballpark guess around 25%). I've seen over 30 different USMC oval ones.
  8. Based on the type of buckle and VR-21, my guess is the Ed Bower buckle was engraved in Japan rather than the Philippines.
  9. Another Philippine made belt buckle with the patch design showed up on ebay in the past week. 1946 Drecon
  10. Someone had a TDE .44 Auto Mag engraved... This is the gun that Clint Eastwood used in the 1983 Movie Dirty Harry: Sudden Impact
  11. @vforvictory1945 -- It's cool that you found info and pictures on Dwight Swofford. Thanks for sharing. @easterneagle87 -- I was the winner of the U.S. Army 5th Special Forces Airborne 1965-1970 buckle. Apologies if you were runner up. I don't like spending as much as I did but that's how it goes. Note the the engraver forgot to engrave the period after the S in U.S. This is the first dated 1970 buckle in my collection. BTW - I just finished reading "From Here To Eternity" by James Jones. Great book!!! I wish I h ad read it years ago. Although the story takes place in Hawaii in 1941
  12. Post 4 of 4: Female Warrior "Philippines"
  13. Post 3 of 4: Top of Lid -- Ralph D. Swiger, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 59th CAC Btry C (engraved over initials R.D.S.)
  14. Post 2 of 4: Inside of Pan -- In Memory of Mother (The engraving looks like similar to what one might get as a tattoo.)
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