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  1. CSG23

    Submarine Uniform

    Thanks for all the kind comments guys.
  2. CSG23

    Submarine Uniform

    Hey guys, just got this uniform on Ebay for a BIN. I wanted to see what you all think. I believe this uniform to have belonged to the Submariner M. J. Jensen. The ribbons match up perfectly to what he would have been awarded to him during WWii. The ribbons were sewed on and look to have been there for a long time. He was the XO on the USS Thresher and the CO on the USS Puffer. He was awarded the SSM for his actions during the Puffer's first patrol.
  3. No, unfortunately not. But the family has more stuff so there may be. Thanks!
  4. This grouping came from the family. The veteran's name was John S-e-a-t-h. The family and friends said that he participated in Normandy, Holland and the Bulge. If anyone can help me find any info on him and his unit I would appreciate that. Thanks!
  5. Thank you all for the nice comments!!
  6. Just figured out how to actually just post the picture lol.
  7. Today, my Dad decided to surprise me giving me this Colt for my High School graduation gift. Needless to say, I was speechless lol. This was manufactured in 1943 and has all original matching parts. It is in extremely good condition as well. Colt 1911A.pdf
  8. The medals are not named, but the Silver Star is numbered.
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