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  1. Nice!! This is a slide from the WWI website I'm building for CMH. I'll post the photo by itself-
  2. Need some help identifying this US AEF WWI tanker helmet! I have several photos which feature this helmet- stumped so far. Thank you! Dr. Erik Villard, US Army Center of Military History
  3. Here is a view of the insignia from the side- should show how it was fastened.
  4. I will check to see about the fastening mechanism for the pin. In doing my research, it appears that Moore's helmet has a P64 Parachutist liner but married to an older strap system from the P55 liner. Opinions? Also, learning about the varieties of laminated cotton duck. Apparently they come in different weights. Any idea what weight this liner represents? http://www.chicagocanvas.com/blog/cotton-duck-classifications/
  5. Thanks for the great info! I'm learning the differences between the tropical jungle jackets (1st, 2d, and 3d patterns). Here is a side view of the Gillem jacket.
  6. Here's a shot of the M1 helmet worn by Lt. Col. Hal Moore during (and after) the Ia Drang campaign of 1965 that's currently on display at the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning. Can the helmet experts tell me more about the interesting aspects of this artifact? I've done background research on the M1 helmet but I suspect there's more to be learned from this group. For example, can I assume that those brownish spots on the cover are mold of some kind? How typical was that sort of discoloration, and is there any significance to the spot pattern? Thanks! Dr. Erik B. Villard
  7. This is the uniform worn by Col. (ret.) Richard D. Gillem when he was with the 11th Pathfinder Company, 1st Cavalry Division, in 1965-66. It is on display at the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, GA. Can our experts tell me more about this particular Army blouse- model type, fabrication, usage history, etc.? Thanks!
  8. Can anyone tell me more about the Type 56 triangular bayonet? This is an example found in the Ia Drang Valley in 1965, either from a Type 56 rifle or an SKS (and is missing the attachment part). Thanks!
  9. I have a bunch of Vietnam War artifacts that I'd like to post, but I'm having trouble getting any images to attach. I'm pretty proficient with software, programming languages, etc.., and I've read the FAQ on uploading images, but no luck. Running the latest version of Chrome on the latest version of Mac OS. Thanks!
  10. Looking forward to seeing the posts in this group! I am the principal U.S. Army historian of the Vietnam War as well as the Digital Military Historian of the US Army Center of Military History in Washington DC. In my new role as DMH, I am doing a lot of work with the Army museum system and spending more time on the artifact side of military history. I do a lot of additional research on my own time, including the time that I'll spend in this group (no federal time, in other words). Thanks- Dr. Erik B. Villard US Army Center of Military History (Goes without saying, but my comments and
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