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  1. Thanks guys! This has been very helpful, and I really appreciate your time.I will comb over the helmets again and see if I can find a manufacture tag. William
  2. Hi all, I recently picked up these two kevlar helmets in a large grouping of OIF era SF items. Has anyone ever seen this variation of helmet before? I am very familiar with PASGT, LWH, ACH, ECH and IHPS helmets, but never have come across similar ones before. Lastly, considering they were found with other SF items, I presume they are SF related - though can someone confirm this? Thanks in advance for your help! Sincerely, William
  3. Thank you very much! I am not sure, though this is exactly as I received it. Thanks again, William
  4. Hi guys, I wanted to share of my favorite USMC ACH find of 2019. I got this helmet directly from the veteran who shared his name, and even photos of it being used in Afghanistan (though asked to keep these private). This was his combat worn helmet used during OEF in 2011. He was wearing this throughout his entire deployment, including during 2 major events. 1 - This solider was wearing the helmet on October 15th, while maneuvering from a cornfield and into an irrigation ditch. The soldier was following directly behind his squad leader, when his squad leader stepped on an IED. Both legs
  5. According to the seller, this was due to him being too busy to speak. In my opinion, this was from lack of respect, and just being rude. If he was busy, he could have said "Hey, I have to call you right back", or "I am busy at the moment, I am going to have to speak with you later". Instead he just hung up the phone while I am trying to buy one of his items. Thank you, William
  6. I have had a negative experience with deltavintagemilitaria. Overall in my opinion this seller is a very rude and hard to work with. Many of my messages have not been responded to, and just recently this seller has purposely hung up on me while I was trying to buy his items. Overall the worst dealer I have attempted to work with in 2019. For someone who just has started out this is incredibly sad to see. If I was you, I would avoid using their website and or eBay. William
  7. Just what I was looking to know! I apologies if my original message wasnt clear. Thanks for your help. William
  8. Hi all, I was recently inspecting one of my ACH helmets and noticed some battle damage under the cover. When I originally got the helmet, I dont know how I missed it - although it appears the helmet was shot. With that, I am sure the helmet was decommissioned and why I now have it, although I would love to track down the original owner and see exactly what happened. Sadly there are no other markings on this helmet besides what is on the cat eyes. Does anyone have a way of identifying the VDD 7463 ? If so I would love the chance to track the soldier down. Thank you in advance f
  9. Thank you very much for providing this link! I can see the resemblance between these two markings. Take care, William
  10. Hi Jacob, Thanks for the information! My initial thought was actually regarding the 501st, however I thought their diamonds were typically black. Great to know that these were painted white during WWII. Take care, William
  11. Hi, Thanks for the reply. After searching for white diamond - I was not able to find anything related specifically to this insignia. Is it better for me to post this question in a different section of the forum? Thanks again! William
  12. Hi guys, I recently came across this US WWII Canteen cover with a strange unit marking. From what I could find online the only similar unit insignia was a USMC Honorable Discharge Diamond. Do any of you guys recognize what this might have come from? Thank you! William
  13. Firstly, thank you for your service and stay safe! Secondly great helmet and information. Did you paint the helmet your self? If so why did you choose a custom paint job vs your helmet cover? Take care, William
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