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  1. They're about 40 minutes from Duryea. Towards Elk Mountain.
  2. Here we go again, guys... This here is a lid I purchased from an elderly couple located in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area a few weeks ago. They had a small home antique shop and found the lid at a Scranton estate sale. The shell is a fixed bail McCord with the lot number 595E and a beautiful factory early-mid war light paint. What makes this guy special however is the return of that white stripe. On the unpainted Firestone liner, there is a green circle with a master sergeant symbol. A long white stripe goes from the symbol to the back on the liner. Of all examples I've seen with a stripe, I've never seen it on a bare liner, nor with the rank in a circle. The liner features a completely untouched 1943 set up; all green a washers, mid-war sweatband and a green buckle liner strap. The shell's hardware consists of an earlier brass raised-buckle and J hook. When taking notice to the liner, a few unusual symbols popped up. The interior if the liner has the codes: E-1, A2, M3, Ct, G-1, F-1 and the name Boyer carved into it. A remaining laundry number is also painted into the liner's webbing. **I will post all pictures separately because the files are too big** I've read the Omaha beach sectors were labeled D-1, D-3, E-1, E-3 and F-1 so maybe they have some ordinance. There also appeared to be something previously painted underneath the master sergeant circle, so maybe a 29th ID symbol? I know from visiting Gettysburg there were an enormous amount of Pennsylvania men assigned to the 29th Infantry division. Not sure what to say about the helmet other than it certainly has a ton of character.
  3. Here is the side image. I believe this helmet was a radioman/radar control personnel from camp Murphy, Fl. It looks like MURPHY is written across the front.
  4. Interesting. I'll check out the shell some more, however I'm almost 100% positive this is the first and original coat of OD paint. My photos do almost no justice and we haven't had a nice day out yet, but hopefully tomorrow I can snag some pictures in natural sunlight.
  5. Heres the best photos I can get. After doing further research, I found out the orange border behind the II Army Corps patch was for the signal corps. Im now starting to believe this may have been a radiomans helmet.
  6. The helmet came from a New Hampshire estate sale (from what Im told but you know how that song and dance always goes). There is no shellacking which is why Im thinking most of the shell paint has been worn off. But I will go take some shade pictures now! ?
  7. I thought this exactly at first, however on the side of the helmet shell is what looks like another spot where a large II was painted. Who knows, its so hard to find non-textbook symbols :/
  8. Thank you all for the helpful responses!! I knew this would be the best place to find expert advice and hard to find photos. You guys rock, thank you!
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