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  1. It's mentioned in Pieter Oosterman's book. They're either a production error or were a limited trial I believe
  2. The steel black buckle chinstrap may be transitional. In general there are three main types of chinstraps used in WWII. The early green painted steel flat buckle chinstraps, the green painted steel chinstraps, and the black painted black buckle chinstraps with the patent number. As for your question RE the types of helmets, my understanding is there is some evidence that a very limited number of swivel bail helmets saw use at Normandy. However, this would have been much too early in the war for a M1C or likely even a modified swivel bail helmet to have been used. My understanding is production of M1Cs didn't begin until early 1945, with factory M1Cs falling somewhere in the 1000-1200 heat stamp range. Airborne helmets at that time would have been either the M2 or modified M1s. As far as the number of M2s vs modified M1s I don't know if any documentation exists detailing the numbers used.
  3. Thanks Hunt, that's what I thought but I wasn't 100% certain. Thanks Pat! That's kind of the same time frame I was thinking based on the markings. It's one of those helmets where the more I look it over the more I like it. I need to do a bit more work on deciphering the serial number and then start doing some research on an ID.
  4. Exactly how I feel about this one
  5. I spent more time looking at the name. I was able to make out the last name. I believe the third line is a serial number but I'm still working on making that out. The first two characters may be "US" but I'm not 100% sure on that. When did the US prefix come into use in serial numbers?
  6. Almost certainly not a parish. I believe they only started manufacturing helmets very late in the war and only made a small number before their production ceased. As aef mentioned, the heat stamp on the parish would have been under the chinstrap bail. I've been keeping an eye out for one of these myself but haven't had any luck yet. My guess is this is either a production error or a refurbished helmet with the rim reattached off center. Looks like the heat stamp might be 103A, is there any evidence of there being fixed bails on it at one point? As for the heat stamp positioning. This is a bit extreme but I've got more than a few helmets in my collection with offset heat stamps. Here's one where the positioning is similar to yours but further away from the brim.
  7. Some pictures of the paint. First is the old MP marking coming out from under the repaint Not exactly sure what's on top but you can see some of the older, yellow MP marking on the left side in the crack More yellow underneath the current MP marking Towards the back of the helmet there's some paint exposed in the band. Looks like it goes OD -> white -> OD -> yellow -> red. I haven't found enough white elsewhere to be 100% sure there's a white band underneath the repaint though.
  8. There may be something on this side but it's not as clear
  9. Picture of the overpainted name. Looks like there's potentially 3 lines. So far I've only been able to work out the fist name and a letter here or there. If I can't make out the full name should I attempt to strip the over paint away from that area to try to get an ID on this one?
  10. I ended up picking this one up from Steven. The paint is a bit rough in some spots but it looks great in hand. Here's some more information on the helmet: I believe it started life as a fixed bail helmet and the swivel bails were added on as a repair. There are actually three sets of MP markings on this helmet. The oldest is the larger style markings. Sometime after those were painted over a smaller, yellow MP was painted on. Finally the white MP marking was painted over top of the yellow with no repaint between. As fpr the bands there are at least two, maybe 3 different bands in the paint. There's the red band and the yellow band but there may also be a white band underneath the repaint. I'm not 100% sure about the white band just yet. Finally, the helmet is actually named at least once. It's very hard to make out but on at least one side of the helmet there appears to be a name. So far I've only been able to make out the first name but I'm going to spend some time trying to read what it says underneath the repaint. I've attached some of my own pictures of this helmet to the thread. As of now I have it paired with a white painted WWII liner. The liner was actually once a SP liner but I figure it will fill the roll for the time being until I find a proper MP liner. A few questions for those who are more knowledgeable about MP helmets than I: When would the large markings have been phased out in favor of the small markings? Any chance the large markings are WWII vintage? When would the yellow MP lettering have been used and by who?
  11. Ended up selling for $1300. Someone thought it stood enough of a chance to pay up but I would have expected it to go higher.
  12. I ended up picking up some fabric glue and tried that on some surplus crimp on chinstraps I had laying around. This ended up not working at all. I'm not sure if the glue I chose was just not good or if the glue was soaking into the chinstraps but I think a glue stick would have worked better than the glue I ended up trying. I'm not sure if super glue would have worked better but I'm apprehensive about trying that due to how it supposedly reacts with cotton. I may give a different fabric glue a shot and see if I get better results.
  13. Unfortunately I don't believe there was any attribution on the helmet in the airborne musem, just the blurb on the 327th included in the picture. That being said, from what I can recall it was one of only a small handful of helmets behind glass and may have been the only FS/FB on display. The two other helmets I remember on display in cases were a KW 187th helmet and an ARVN helmet. It's definitely possible they were placeholders but beyond those three that I can recall every other helmet used in the displays were all refurbished RS/SB with repo chinstraps and little with little to no aging. As for the helmet in question, the description only lists information on the helmet with no story. Based on. The sellers other items though I assume it was picked up in a local antique store/auction/estate/garage sale.
  14. Almost certainly the seller misreading the heat stamp. I find it a bit odd that the bidding has stalled but there's still plenty of time left. Interested to see where this goes.
  15. I'm not sure about this one, I think we're going to need some closeups on the paint.
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