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  1. My pleasure! I've been considering breaking out that information and making it into its own thread so it's easier to find.
  2. Here are some of mine Most notable find was this early M1 w/ 1st pattern General Fibre liner named to a Seabee from NJ. The other two notable pickups are items I bought from forum members First is a post war MP helmet And last but not least is a Chief Warrant Officer Schlueter with matching Hood Rubber liner
  3. I would leave it as is seeing as it's obvious what's underneath the paint. Plus you would risk damaging the insignia in the process.
  4. Link to the thread containing the article aef1917 mentioned As mentioned, the heat number chart is only really useful as an estimating tool, not something that can tell you exactly when a helmet was manufactured. Using a good reference book and examining the helmet in hand can often yield the same results. There is often too much emphasis placed on the lot numbers when they don't give us a ton of information that can't be obtained by just looking at the helmet.
  5. I would really love to see this one in hand. I think it's got a shot based on a quick look, but this is something that's out of my league. One thing I did find interesting is that the wear on the rim seems unusually consistent. Most of the helmets I have that have paint loss on the rim have some inconsistencies in the amount and location but the helmet in question seems to have pretty uniform paint loss on the rim. Maybe it once had a net on it and that could help explain it but that's the one thing that stood out to me a bit.
  6. Definitely the same seller. It's a mix of new and old pictures. Some are from the last auction and some are new but taken from the same location.
  7. Very nice pick up! It always amazes me that these Hawleys managed to survive. I had the same reaction as Mike when I got my first Hawley.
  8. I was going to throw my hat in the ring on this one but it ended up going for more than I thought it's worth. Auction ended at $455
  9. Nice helmet, I was looking at this one as well. Believe this particular one is a westinghouse. I've got two of those in my collection, one with the square washers like yours but in rougher shape and one with A washers in nice shape. I'll be interested in seeing more pictures of the shell when it arrives.
  10. I won't make any claims about the seller's actions, but looking at the bidders on this cover and the original one that sold not too long ago are interesting. Many of the same bidders. Could be people with more money than knowledge or people buying based on the seller's reputation but I find it interesting that there are a handful of heavy bidders that have bid on both items.
  11. I'm no expert on USMC covers but from my knowledge the stitching is wrong (at least on the beach side) and it's got the infamous "pacman". There are other issues but those are two of the glaring issues.
  12. Very nice helmet. Regarding your question on the archives, my understanding is the only army records were damaged in the fire. If you get his records you should get whatever is on file.
  13. I can't believe someone bid on it. I hope it's someone just buying it for the sum of the parts but even then I question if it's worth the money and the effort https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-US-Army-Medic-Helmet-with-Chinstrap-and-Liner-in-good-condition/224228458464?hash=item34350ebfe0:g:IqQAAOSw9Q9fqaWm
  14. Am I missing something here? It looks like a near mint cover but it's a 3rd pattern. Is there something that caused this cover to go for almost $1000 after tax/shipping? Or is this just another case of insane eBay pricing?
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