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  1. Two days...it's short! After the American Cimetery you should make a stop at "la Pointe du Hoc", it's only a few miles away. I would also advise you the D-Day Experience. It's a fantastic museum with a lot of identified groups, some amazing displays and the C-47 simulator is great. All the best. Will.
  2. You are welcome, it's my pleasure to share this with you Will.
  3. Hi guys, Some photos of the Overlord Museum. Not far from Omaha Beach and the Colleville American War Cemetery, they have an impressive collection and some amazing displays. All the best. Will
  4. Fantastic set...the engraved senior pilot wings are really amazing! Thanks for sharing
  5. So many nice examples! Drawings are really impressive, thanks a lot for sharing. All the best. Will.
  6. Fantastic display! Thanks for sharing Will
  7. Many thanks guys! Possibly 303rd BG (name and place of discovery). Will.
  8. Hi guys, I would like to share some photos of this nice harness used by a member of the 8th Air Force with you. It's a nice RAF observer type with tipycal AF modification and yellow group marking : In situation with RAF parachute chest pack and seat pack type C : Will
  9. You have an amazing collection! Thanks for sharing...really impressive!
  10. I would say half a dozen. For me, the most impressive were the Duplex Drive Sherman. Inside of the museum you have a lot of equipment and personal items. I can't find the photo anymore...I'll have to take some during my next visit.
  11. The former curator, Jacques Lemonchois, he dived during more than 35 years. In 1970 he was commissioned by the French government to secure the navigation along the coast of Normandy and to remove dangerous wrecks. Instead of destroying them he took care of their preservation and created this nice museum. Before bringing them up, his team verified that none of the wrecks contained remains of allied soldiers. When bones were found, everything was left on the bottom of the sea.
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