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  1. Fantastic result! And a interesting Award... Please tell me, is the number researchable in any way? Regards Bjorn
  2. I was wondering is someone has any information or knowledge on ressources of the 36th Infantry U.S. Volunteers, and the regiments service in the Philippines? I'm currently researching a soldier WHO served with the outfit from July 1899 to 1901. It seems to me that 36th USV saw some combat, judging by the number of MoH's it was awarded in 1899 (11 I think). Any help will be much appreciated! Bjorn
  3. Can someone please tell me who number 3988 on af Philippine Insurrection Medal belonged to? Kind regards, Bjorn
  4. Hi there, Short introduction... My name is Bjorn Klausen. I'm Danish, and live in Odense, Denmark. Wife and two kids. I Work as a graphic designer on a museum. I've served 10 years (1998-2008) with the Danish Army and have been deployed to Afghanistan. I primarely collect Commonwealth medals to Danish born servicemen. Both those medals are few and far between. Therefor I've found myself wandering into other themes of collecting. Recently early US medals and very recently, the Conspicuous Service Cross (New York). I hope the members of the forum can help me with my research on the US medals in my Collection. Regards, Bjorn
  5. Very nice Conspicuous Service Crosses in this thread! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if anyone could trace number 14992 to a name? Thanks in advance! Bjorn Klausen
  6. Bill, Fantastic! Thank you so much for your fast help!!! Bjorn
  7. Hi there, I have acquired a Philippine Congressional Medal numbered #4203. This number should be traceable to a soldier. Does anyone have the roll for this medal at hand? Looking forward to your help! Best regards Bjorn Klausen Denmark
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