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  1. Time to raise the steaks............... Rene
  2. From the same S&S but not related........obviously spoken from the heart 😊 Rene
  3. Hi Ken nice add. Regarding surplus I found this article in the Stars and Stripes of may 10th, 1945. Jeeps weren't made directly available as you can see. This was not to everyone's liking though.........
  4. Hi Ken, the term stakeholder comes to mind........................... Rene
  5. Thanks for posting, Graham. Very interesting. Rene
  6. Back to core business.... here's another Then and Now in one shot. Today this spot is virtually unrecognisable. Unfortunately this is more due to overzealous post war urban renewal than war damage. Rene
  7. Try this one for size.................. (it isn't a coincidence that this is page 666) Rene
  8. Thanks, Kat. Your wish is my command, Mikie Shown is the little harbour which today only sees recreational use. The Maas river bridges are to the right. The river itself is towards the photographers back. Rene
  9. Then and Now made easy...…….because of the 75th liberation anniversary of Venlo a special app has been developed that enables those who are interested to follow a special route through town. At certain spots war time photographs have been placed and with your cellphone you can 'call up' background info. Here's an example. And as you can see it's a one shot Then and Now 😊. The building itself is close by the Maas river bridges and was only one of the very few that more or less survived the bombing runs in this area. Rene
  10. Thanks, for identifying the monument, Ken. A quick visit is out of the question, unfortunately.
  11. Wheelie, Ken? Nah, I'm two tired...…………… the best ones have been made already so I would have to saddle for second best.....and as far as puns go you and Mikie are the spokes persons, anyway.
  12. I think many of us have seen our fair share of war memorials/statues etc. I came across this photo on the net and I really like the subtle approach that the designer came up with. Unfortunately I have no idea where this is. Rene
  13. Hi everyone, I'll be back soon with some contributions. It's been a bit busy over here…. Rene
  14. Interesting Then and Now, Ken. Just a quick observation: going by its muzzle brake it looks like they are operating a British 6 pounder anti tank gun
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