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  1. Lovely event, Ken. I particularly like that Renault truck with the crane at the back. Rene
  2. Just chop the wings, tail and a bit of the front end off a fighter plane and hey presto: a racing car.........😀
  3. On the recycling topic I can add one that's very dear to me. After the war when there wasn't much stuff around, people had to make do with what they could get their hands on. Here's a picture of a liberated and well used German canteen cup. It belongend to my grandfather who , after the war, used it for his shaving routine. It used to contain a shaving brush, soap and a razor. The contents have long since gone, unfortunately but you can still smell the shaving soap.
  4. Mikie, you're certainly living on the edge.......... Rene
  5. Hi Sundance, the wing tips of that Spit are definitely squared off. I believe that was done for better aerodynamic characteristics during air to ground attack. The canopy I'm not sure about but it looks like bubble canopy which was a modification of the Spitfire at one time. I agree with you one the Hurricanes. They never get the credit they so rightfully deserve. Rene
  6. Commemorating one of the most important historic feats of last century.........in style! Rene
  7. A year ago today the 75th commemoration of the Waal crossing took place in excellent conditions and under normal circumstances...........what a difference a year makes. Shown is the bridge that's been placed at almost the exact spot where the crossing (by members of the 504th PIR) took place in 1944. The bridge is named "de oversteek" which translates as "the crossing". This photo was taken about an hour before the re-enactment of the crossing took place and already people are securing a good viewing spot. Rene
  8. And now for something etc. etc. I guess people didn't dare talking behind her back.................
  9. Peter, I agree that using US vehicles instead of German lookalikes would have been worse. That rebuilt must have been a big job because there was so much destruction. Not only because of Market Garden but also from the period after. That modern rebuilt was one of the reasons the bridge scenes from A Bridge Too Far couldn't be filmed in Arnhem itself. They found a suitable spot in a place called Deventer. The link below shows an aerial comparison shot of the two places. If you scroll down there's also a nice 3 min super 8 film. https://shoppenindeventer.nl/2016/10/13/a-
  10. Owen, real Sherman turret or prop? Thanks for the pics. Rene
  11. You're right. Here's a before shot.......
  12. Thanks, but I have seen that one also. Definitely a great film. Rene
  13. On of my favs (and possibly some British militaria present!)
  14. Here's mine. It has heat stamp 199B and brass hardware. It has a stress crack at the front and besides that I can't find anything wrong with it.
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