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    17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division in WWII; Family History
  1. Attu TARFU dated June 23, 1943 ATTU TARFU - June 23, 1943.pdf
  2. Attached are a couple of pdf files of newsletters published for the soldiers who were part of the Aleutian Island operations. My father served there as part of the 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Division. Part of the documents he brought home included 6 issues of the ATTU TARFU, 3 issues of the TARFU (Adak Edition), and 1 issue of the TASFUIA (Kiska edition). Sorry about the image quality... had to post low res version here on the forum. If there seems to be sufficient member interest, I will scan the rest of them and post them. ATTU TARFU - June 21, 1943.pdf
  3. A special memorandum issued by Major General Archibald V. Arnold on 2 August 1944.
  4. Yes. He was in the Aleutian, Kwajalein, Leyte, and Okinawa campaigns. As far as I can tell from his records, he was with the 17th Regiment of the 7th the full time. He was discharged 2 October 1945 with 1 year, 9 months, 23 days continental service, and 2 years, 5 months, 1 day foreign service. As a new member to this forum, I have been occasionally posting some of my dad's photos and documents that maybe others might be interested in.
  5. These photos are from the collection of my father, MSgt. Ralph E. Tyler, 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division. The pictures were taken in the summer or fall of 1941. First Photo - penciled on the back: Fort Ord, Calif. 1941 R E Tyler Pvt. Second Photo - penciled on the back: 1941. Left - R Tyler 3rd from left - John Huff, Minneapolis San Luis Obispo, Calif. (Note: The 2nd & 4th soldiers from the left were not identified) Third Photo - penciled on the back: Ralph E. Tyler 1941 Fort San Luis Obispo, Calif.
  6. On the evening of induction, my dad wrote a postcard to his girlfriend who he married after the war, my mother. The postcard provides a little insight into the first day for the new soldiers. The postcard was mailed from San Pedro on 10 July. One cent postage. It reads as follows: July 9, 1941, 6PM Fort MacArthur, San Pedro, California Dear Miss (name omitted), We are right on the beach. I like it. Forty-one of us are here in our barracks tonite - All of us lying & wisecracking here on our springs waiting to be requisitioned our bedding - We will be here two days to recup
  7. Here's the actual order dated 30 June 1941. He was required to report just a short 9 days later on the 9th of July. If he was in Indiana when he received the order, I would think it would be nearly impossible to get affairs in order and travel to California in time to report on the morning of the 9th. Also, factor into this period the time for the order to reach him, I'm guessing 2-4 days for mail delivery. On the back of his Honorable Discharge document, it states that his address at the time of entry into service was Pasadena, CA. All of this leads me to believe that he was already in C
  8. This Newsletter clipping dated May 27, 1945 was taken from The Corps Courier.
  9. Major General Archibald V. Arnold's Letter to the 7th Division Landing Force prior to the invasion of the Philippines.
  10. Short article, circa 1995, talking about the repurposing of the Ford Ord site after its closure in the Fall of 1994.
  11. My father was drafted into the Army in July 1941. He was born, raised, and living/working in Indiana prior to his service, and his local draft board was in Indiana. Yet he transferred to the Los Angeles Local Board for induction. I have his D.S.S. Form 156 which is entitled, "ORDER FOR TRANFERRED MAN TO REPORT FOR INDUCTION." The first sentence reads, " Having heretofore been ordered to report for induction by your own Local Board and having been, upon your own request, transferred to this Local Board for delivery to an induction station, you will report to the Local Board named above at C
  12. Photo of Col. Wayne C. Zimmerman, officer in the 7th Army Division during WWII. Location and date of the photo is unknown. This photo is among the collection of my late father, MSgt. Ralph E. Tyler who served in the 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division.
  13. Taken in January 1944, this photo shows Col. Wayne C. Zimmerman and Lt. Col. Edward P. Smith, officers of the 7th Division, on board the USS Zeilin enroute to the Marshalls. (US Army Signal Corp. photo) This photo is among the collection left by my father, MSgt. Ralph E. Tyler (1914-1975).
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