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  1. The idea is to find the best helmet for the price. Go to flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales and surplus stores and look for stuff out of the woods. As you grow your collection sell off the not so great items and reinvest in nicer items. You never know what you will find. I have had some luck with all of these places.
  2. No, To be sure the guy who had this when it broke got another one off the rack and this was repaired and put back in service. Things that could be repaired were repaired. The QM has to account for gear. For all I know this could have ended its time in a NG unit and they needed every helmet.
  3. My comment was to correct the dates on the clip on chin straps, not about your helmet. In as far as your swivel bail being repaired...repairs happen. If it wasn't repaired your only other option would be with throwing it away. Post war, fixed bail helmets helmets were upgraded to swivel bail to keep them in service. I wouldn't worry so much about this. If it really bugs you sell it and find another one you like. It's not like these are rare. And that the point, only the military would take the time and effort to fix this. Everyone else would just buy another one.
  4. Ok, I asked a guy in the know. This is late WW2 and was used in the B-29, B-50 and B-36. It was used in the remote guns.
  5. I have never seen one before. The construction and black crinkle paint is in keeping with WW2. The single gun right side left side makes me think its related to a turret gun mount. Gunners in the aft of a bomber could look at their ammo box's and see what they had. Turret gunners could not so I would look in that direction. Sperry and Emerson made turret guns.
  6. My understanding of those snap in chin straps is they first started showing up in the 1950's. Those are OD in color and have a different build compared to the black ones. This is from another site from a post I had asking about these. "11-06-2020, 07:32 PM Okay, now I understand what you are asking. The same Reynosa book says that those were incorporated into M-1 helmet production when it resumed in 1951. They remained standard until the PASGT chin-cup style chinstrap came into used. I knew those were late war or post-war, but never knew the date until now."
  7. LOLOLLOL Why would you mention OSHA? Talk about agency's that over complicate everything. Don't get me wrong, I work construction and safety is always a concern, but good grief! When did common sense stop being common?
  8. My normal thing is aircraft. I posted a grip of B-25 production pics and one of the comments made was by a guy lamenting there were no jeep production line photo's. I did a search and posted these.
  9. That is a very nice grouping!!!! The P-61 was an outstanding bird. I really like that your photo has the seat in it. One crashed in the Mojave and I was lucky enough to visit that crash site. Everyone got out. It was the chase plane for the YB-49
  10. I do not own a jeep, so I didn't catch that. I did look the photo's over again and I can only find one photo with the women working on jeeps with tail gates. Thanks for the heads up.
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