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  1. The seat back is also very well made. This whole seat is solid craftmanship!
  2. The seat pan is very well made from high grade aluminum. The bottom has the McArthur stamp along with the AN stamp. I have never seen this before.
  3. This is the seat rail. Note the corrosion between the rails. Also note none of this is stamped metal. It's all machined. The forth photo down shows one of two HT stamps I found. These are the only stamps on this. On the last photo you can't see it, but marks from an awl can be seen used to center the holes.
  4. The frame is well made. The steel parts show corrosion that may be salt water related.
  5. I haven't figured out what these are yet, but they are well made. They may have something to do with the arm rest.
  6. These are the struts seen on the lower back of the frame. These are not stamped, they are machined.
  7. The seat came in today. The seller broke it down for shipping. Upon inspection I found corrosion on the inside seat rails. This was a flown seat. Everything towards the bottom has some type of corrosion on it, mostly the nuts and bolts. My guess is salt water corrosion. The seat surprised me in its construction. This has to be pre or early war. The metal is machined in a detail not seen on WW2 seats. The aluminum is of the highest quality and the workmanship top notch. I took pictures of the parts to have a record of what was used to make it. I noticed were two parts meet the area is black. Th
  8. SNJ, I traded that radio for this trailer. PM me. The guy I traded with was a Naval aviation mechanic and is looking for things. Maybe you have something he would like better.
  9. I had posted this looking for information on a seat I just bought. I wish to thank the members of this forum for digging deep and pushing for the truth in this matter. Thanks to them I now know what aircraft this came from. I wanted to bundle everything under one heading so anyone else who may come across a seat like this will not have to reinvent the wheel researching information. I was surprised how little information exists. Thanks guys!, well done!
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