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    US Cavalry items from the period 1900-1935.
  1. Not 'a' beer but a few more than one and they were/are Guinness!!!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/embed/eEs4ke7cdNQ?feature=player_detailpage%25
  3. but so many times the stating of, it was a draftee war or a black-American war, etc, has come up over and over. The facts are, it was everybody's war and not just one branch, one race or draftee/regular Army, NG/Reservist. When it comes to the Vietnam War, people who were not there should keep their so called "facts" and opinions to themselves!!!! Big problem in this country now, people THINK they know it all when actually they don't know jack crap. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/the-men-killed-on-a-single-bloody-day-in-vietnam-and-the-haunting-wall-that-memorializes-them/ar-AAxMJhq?oci
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/100-year-old-flag-made-for-us-soldiers-who-died-during-world-war-i-returns-to-scottish-island/ar-AAwAODZ?ocid=spartanntp
  5. Your verification is exact..............well done.
  6. I didn't see any photos of the exact coat...................that coat has belt support hooks. I see none in the photos.
  7. It didn't register the relationship of it coming from Hong Kong and Hong Kong being a british colony which makes it a far more correct description....IMO.
  8. The belt support shows for this time period, I believe it to be a Colonial jacket from a colonial power and having cloth covered buttons, I would say, it's German and issued for colonial wear in Africa......IMO. It's not to specifications for being a M-1902 cotton khaki coat for wear in hot tropical climates.
  9. Some of every branch, from every branch which I've not seen before. Well done, very complete. Ed
  10. Thanks all...........additions are getting very picky now. Running out of room still. But I do have the ceiling!!!!!!
  11. Off Ebay. Getting or determining the right size is a challenge to fit a tunic you have or find a tunic to fit the torso on hand. I have tunics that fit great in the shoulders but not the waist. In that case I gather up the fabric in the rear with an attached belt or pins. I have one nice torso left to use and finding a WWI officer's wool tunic with size 38/40 is my challenge. Good luck...you must follow Ebay daily to get the best price and shipping.
  12. Additional bright collar insignia and repositioning.
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