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    I am primarily interested in World War II and the American Civil War. My main interest is in the 37th Division and specifically the 129th Infantry in World War II. As far as the Civil war goes, I am interested in several NC units.
  1. According to his headstone he recieved a purple hart. Maybe this is the same fellow; he is listed in a the Navy's New York State summary of war causalities done in 1946. That is all I found on him on fold3.com https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/101278621/john-j_-mcgovern
  2. I just picked up this uniform today; im pretty excited. This guy had a CIB, an Expert qualification badge with a mortar clasp, 2 overseas service bars, 101st patch on the right shoulder, 4th infantry patch on the left, Infantry collar disks, infantry cord, tie, belt, gold buckle, pants, commendation ribbon with a v device, air medal ribbon, national defense service medal ribbon, Vietnam service medal ribbon with two bronze service stars, and Vietnam campaign ribbon with a 70-71 device. I'm trying to get all the photos, but its not uploading correctly. What do y'all think?
  3. I forgot the measurements, but one of the pictures below has a pen in it that may give some scale. Any chance of you posting a picture of the armband Paul? Id like to see it. Sundance, grandad's DD214 only mentioned the 129th and the 4151st Quartermaster unit by name, but he was put on assignment with several different units at the end of the war according to the morning reports. Not sure exactly how that worked. Thanks for the heads up about Eric Queen, I will ask him, and the pictures below should all be right side up. Doyler, what website did you see the unit history for sale? Thanks Ev
  4. My granddad, Douglas Monroe Roberson, was a replacement late in the war. He served in the Co I of the 129th Infantry during the Luzon Campaign in World War II. The 129th Infantry was an Illinois National Guard unit that was Inducted into Federal service in 1941. The 129th was part of the 37th “Buckeye” division during granddad's service. ​Grandad was inducted at Fort Bragg on July 28 1944. He then spent 5 months as a special training inductee followed by 3.75 months of Infantry Basic Training. He then spent 7 months as a PFC Rifleman. He finished out his time overseas with 3 months as a Te
  5. My grandma wants me to find out what I can about this. All she knows is that my grandad brought it back with him from the Philippines. I assume it is a headband. Thanks!
  6. One of Ganddad's pictures. He was a replacement in the 129th. When the 37th I.D. returned to the states, Granddad didn't have enough service points to go home. He spent 3 months in the 4151st Q.M. Depot Company, and then his last 6 months as an MP. I assume this photo was taken when the Q.M. unit was disbanded. The dates line up that this was about the time Grandad left this unit. 3 of those on the bottom row have a 37th ID combat patch on, as does my Granddad at the end of the second row from the bottom on the right, or maybe he is the one on the top right, hard to tell.
  7. I was going through some of my grandfather's old things, and a found a beat up old pocket knife. I decided I would do some research and wanted to buy another knife to take parts from to fix granddad's. Most folks were calling it an Camillus Electrician's Knife, but then I saw some listings calling it a Camillus TL-29, and some calling these knives World War II era. Grandad was a lifelong electrician, and was also a rifleman, military policeman, and utility repairman in World War II. So now im trying to figure out a an approximate date for the knife , and determine whether the knife is a civili
  8. Thanks for all the help so far guys! I can get the "buckeye" patch with a white or green border. I assume the white border would be for the khaki uniform. Also, what are sellers reffing to when they mention UV testing and say that the Patch doesn't glow? Thanks, Kevin
  9. This look like the right Khaki uniform? http://www.ebay.com/itm/263074098393?rmvSB=true#viTabs_0
  10. Found a couple more pictures, one of them gives a good look at one of his patches. Anybody have any opinons on what patch it is? He is on the bottom right. Thanks, Kevin
  11. I see the difference now. The Presidential citations you mentioned above involving F company and the HQ are listed differently then the one I mentioned in the unit hisory. The two Presidential Citations include "BATTLE HONORS", and mention executive orders. The unit citation I mentioned does not include this. You were right about F and HQ getting theirs in the Solomon Islands as well. They both got their Presidential Unit Citations for actions on Bougainville during March of 1944. I didn't realize that he was no longer part of the 37th ID when he was in the Quarter Masters and MP. I just
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