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    Any numbered collar insignia or DUI's related to the 1st Cavalry Division and attached units. Also, anything related to the 15th Field Artillery, 30th Field Artillery, or 82nd Field Artillery Regiments.
    I am the Historian for the 15th FA, 30th FA, and 82nd FA Regiments.

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  1. Check page #43 of the ASMIC publication for January - March 1969. The image in the lower left corner will explain what this patch was for. It reads" An unathorized insignia of a Gold Shield charged with two white bendlets fimbricated maroon. In chief, a black horse's head. This unauthorized patch was for the 1st Veterinary Troop. FIRST TEAM ~ SIR!
  2. The 76th FA was in Korea in the mid-1960's. One of my commanders formerly commanded that unit in Korea.
  3. I use one now to hold my shotgun shells. I just added a carrying srap with clips on the ends. It works great for me as it holds 20 shells!
  4. By late 1967, Guns-A-GO-GO were all grounded and phase out. Huey Hogs were slowly being replaced by Cobras at the beginning of 1968. Buy a copy of "Empty Tubes and Back Seat Memories" written by my good friend Russ Warriner who was in 2-20th ARA for a long time. His book was published in 2010. Great reading!
  5. The guy above offered you some very good suggestions regarding bears. If you are not going to carry firearms please use his suggestions. I would never go into an area where bears are without a heavy duty firearm. But that would be my personal choice. Bringing a knife to a "BEAR FIGHT" would not be my choice. Good luck on your trip.
  6. I wore this version in Korea in 1960-61.
  7. Great buy. You'll pay more than that for a replacement sheath!
  8. Possibly the 474th AAA Bn from WWII, or the 469th Coast Artillery Bn.
  9. The first Cav patch is authentic, as are the 82nd FA DUIs. He could have been an Artillery Air Observer in WWI, and got recalled for WWII. I can't speak about the wing, but the blouse is awesome. If you ain't Cav ~ You ain't S__T!!!! B-5-82nd FA, 1st Cavalry Division, Korea, 1960-1961
  11. Here are the examples I have for the 15th Aviation Company. The large one on the left as you are looking at the image was for the 15th Aviation Detachment. These are just avery small part of my 1st Cavarly Division display of nearly 500 pieces of collar insignia and DUI's. Enjoy!
  12. They might have been for renactors.
  13. This shirt looks like a typical Made-in-Korea early 1960's-era. Fortunately for you gentlemen that I'm an avid collector of 1st Cavalry Division documents. The 1961 booklet celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the 1st Cavalry Division lists MAJ J. M. Leer Jr. as the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 [intelligence]. For clarification, I served with the 1st Cav in Korea in 1960-61 with the 5-82nd FA. In 1965, the 1st Cavalry Division Colors were cased and flown to Fort Benning. The 2nd Infantry Division Colors were cased and flown to Korea. The 2nd Division Troops at Fort Benning tore off thei
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