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  1. Nice work on the racks Manny.
  2. Instructions for Stoney Buddy front page
  3. Stony Buddy Footlocker with gear
  4. Dennis, You just keep getting better and better! LOVE this one for sure! Mike
  5. After a "little accident" I just returned home from hospital and rehab. Happy to see folks have enjoyed this thread and have posted some really neat items. I'll try to post some more next week or so. All the best! Mike
  6. Very nice grouping! If I am correct in what I'm seeing the name on the holster appears to be "Feldgend Uffz (Name)". Which would stand for Feldgendarmerie Unteroffizier. It would make perfectly good sense that a Military Police Sgt. would carry this type of weapon. All the best, Mike
  7. That is it for today folks. I invite others to post their Military related toys whether old or new. All the best, Mike
  8. Later, Marx saw the error of their non-uniformed figure and came out with "Stoney Buddy" who had an assortment of cloth uniforms.
  9. Stoney was well armed and came with an assortment of weapons.
  10. The Marx Company's answer to GI JOE was their Stoney Soldier figure. Stoney was all plastic without changeable cloth uniforms.
  11. Another view of the Mortar man.
  12. Mortar Man figure with mortar that shoots plastic rounds. Still in the original package.
  13. A Marx half-track from the same series. Unfortunately the driver's compartment visor shield was broken off.
  14. Here is an old Marx brand Armored Car.
  15. Final view of the kids tunic showing the pilots wings. The brass buttons all have little air planes embossed on them.
  16. Another view of the kids Air Corps tunic.
  17. Here is a tailor made kids WWII USAAF uniform tunic (which also came with matching trousers). Size appears to be for about a six year old.
  18. Here is a kids M1917 toy helmet made of tin. the liner and chin strap are missing.
  19. An old wooden 37mm AT gun. I assume these were made war-time due to the shortage of metal.
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