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  1. Heartland Militaria show Sept 17-20 2020 don’t miss this huge show we have almost completely rented all tables just down to a few single 6’ tables available for rent. The 4 day $50 pass gets you early access with the dealer setup day on Thursday the 17th from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. General admission is 18th and 19th from 9-5 and 20th 9-4.
  2. Yes it is confirmed and 100 percent a go we have 302 tables booked and confirmed with only 6 tables left so pretty much a sold out show can’t wait to see some old friends and make new ones
  3. Less than two weeks away dont miss out over 300 tables of pure militaria the largest show of its kind in the South Central US June 22-23 2019
  4. Hello, As we head into our 3rd year in Oklahoma and our 2nd year into Alabama the shows continue to grow and expand. Last years Oklahoma show had 308 tables and 115 dealers from all over the US. We do still have some tables in Oklahoma available but dont delay as this show will sell out once again. The Montgomery, Alabama show this year is filling up nicely we are looking at having 250-300 tables still some great spots available head over to the website and check the shows out http://heartlandmilitariashow.com/ Lastly we are excited to announce our mega show in Jan 2020 down in D
  5. Well the show is filling up nicely and we are set for our first southern show this weekend. We have dealers coming in from all over the country to setup. We are still booking tables as I type and will continue to until the doors open to the public sat morning. There is a lot of excitement for this show and a lot of dealers that have not setup in years are setting up this weekend so no telling what will be here.
  6. We are generating lot's of interest with this show we have dealers signing up from all areas so should have lot's of variety to choose from. We still have tables to rent dont hesitate to reserve before we sellout
  7. Hello, My name is Matt I am a retired Navy chief and also promote the Heartland Militaria shows. Anyways my Cousin Dwight Fisk Roberts went down on the USS Arizona he was a fireman 1st Class. A few years ago my Uncle was telling me how Dwight was teaching him how to swim in Teaxs one summer as he was a very accomplished smimmer well apparently his leave ran out and he told my Uncle Donald that when he came back home he would help him some more sadly he never returned. I have been to the Arizona sevral times in my Navy Career and cant help thinking about him and all the others that peri
  8. Hello, I have a 100 percent correct M1 Garand lend lease the issue i have is the orginal stock was sanded and refinished and they took off the cartouches does anyone have an original stock? Thanks Matt
  9. Hello, I would like to introduce myself my name is Matt Hindi I am a retired Navy Chief and own/operated the Heartland Militaria Shows and Badshot Gun shows with my wife Pattie. We currently conduct our Heartland Militaria show in Chickasha, Oklahoma our next show is Sept 15-16 2018 in Montgomery, Alabama and is a planned 250 table show. http://heartlandmilitariashow.com/ http://badshot-gunshow.com/ I also have the facebook group Allies Deal or no Deal lots of stuff sells on that group come over and check it out. https://www.facebook.com/groups/358669601203421/
  10. Hello, Please allow me to introduce myself my name is Matt Hindi and I would like to share our next show is in Montgomery, Alabama here is the info: Heartland Militaria Show Montgomery, Alabama September 15-16 th 2018 Montgomery Multiplex @ Crampton Bowl 220 Hall Street Montgomery, Alabama 36104 http://heartlandmilitariashow.com/index.php/alabama-show-information/ This is our first Militaria show in the south we conduct an annual 300+ table show in Oklahoma and hope to continue the qualitity of shows in the south as we expand our operations. Thank You for your time please don’t h
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