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  1. hello for sure not an original french jacket. It could be made for an african nation because the french pattern is really different. Also could be a hunter made. Regards J-Mi
  2. Hello, I would like to know how many USMC paramarine suit, jump smock or jacket have existed during the WW2. In fact, I have a small idea, but I want to know wich model it is, I mean 1st model, 2nd model... I have only these 2 jackets to present; I know that one is a paramarine jacket (1st picture), the other one a paramarine jump smock resized (2nd picture), but wich model? On different books I have, they speak about different version on the model. Best regards J-Mi
  3. Hello, I am french and collect the French Indochina war. I am also passionate by WW2 stuff, US and german. No real link with this forum, but I am also the webmaster of the site "wehrmachts.kisten", for those who collect these item. Regards J-Mi
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