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  1. It has tiny non sharp teeth coming from out of the handle about a inch then it stops. A diving knife would have a place to attach a small rope? Also, the owner of the estate it came from was a MD in the Korean War. His brother was a Navy sailor in WWII, if that helps.
  2. Yes the handle is 2 pieces. Here's some more images.
  3. Found this poplin jungle shirt a few year ago in a thrift store. They have a distinctive sharp edge on the outside bottom of the top pockets. The only website that had any info on the stock number said the manufacturer started producing them in 1979. The last known order was 5 years ago. Is there any more info about this uniform? Would this have been used in Central/South America in the 80s? The other label is white and says COAT, COMBAT and was made by Atlanco. Tag has no additional numbers. Any information would be appreciated.
  4. This camo smock was in the closet of a 30 year veteran US Special Forces/SOG soldier. I believe its Pakistani but the pattern seems a little off. Could it possibly be something else?
  5. Picked this knife up a while back and have still not identified it. It was in a stash of WWII gear. Has a 10" blade. There is no markings that I can see. My guess is someone put a wood handle on a bayonet. Anyone have a take on this?
  6. I have a couple WWII Japanese documents that were take home souvenirs of a Navy Radioman during the Battle of Tarawa. The only one I can identify is the Radio Intelligence Report Form. Its the one that has a Japanese Occupied Hong Kong stamp attached to it with a needle. There is actually have 2 of these in the grouping both with stamp and needle. Can anyone explain the stamp and needle? Also, help identify the other document? Any clues would be appreciated.
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