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    Weapons, War stories and historical military pieces.
  1. All Recent Veterans reading this thread........ (From HBO Miniseries, Generation Kill) lol. I Love my beard.....but when I see it on uniformed personnel it makes my eye twitch. haha
  2. I thought you would all like to see this. My Boss brought this into work so I could see it. Original 1917 German Luger, it was his Grandfather's issued pistol from WW1. His Grandfather immigrated to the United States right after the war. Franc Xavier Schuller (pictured) My Boss took it to a gunsmith to see if it was operational but the Gunsmith said that the barrel is completely shot out and has had Thousands of rounds fired through it.
  3. That is likely a Personal Coin. Some Major probably got them made so he could hand out something unique. LSA might stand for Logistics Support area. Interesting how it is in the shape of a Surfboard with a Shark bite in it. Those are most popular in Hawaii, so I would start around there.
  4. Update - I have Added US ARMY Shirts in case anyone is interested in those. https://teespring.com/stores/ucmj-gear-army?pr=deal3
  5. AWESOME! Hope you like them. I particularly liked the WW1 shirt.....only popular in certain circles though haha. I do plan on making a line of WW1/WW2 Enlistment poster-themed shirts as well. I will post pictures on this thread when they are ready.
  6. Thought some of ya'll might like this. https://teespring.com/the-collector
  7. Any AF REDHORSE guys on here?

  8. I definitely will. Thank you. I did find their Ebay store thanks to you. http://www.ebay.com/usr/internationalshipbreaking
  9. lol, I dont have it.....it just popped up in a google search (free view). James Charles Kloboucnik's grandson posted on a board that he was looking for info about his family, I got lucky on the search results. The father of James Charles Kloboucnik immigrated from the CZR and settled in Chicago, (which makes sense since he shipped out of Chicago).
  10. I find some possibly interesting info on this by searching for his Name. Not sure if it's the same guy, but the name and timeline matches up https://www.ancestry.com/boards/surnames.kloboucnik/ Looks like this guy shortened his name to Klob after graduating from Dental School. he is buried in Calvary Cemetery La Junta Otero County Colorado https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=73518511&ref=acom which also lines up because you found the tag in Colorado.
  11. There is one for sale on Ebay right now,labeled as CHARGIN' CHARLIE - US 1st Squadron 9th Air Cavalry Regiment
  12. My Father was on the USS Independence (CVA-62) in 1981-85. He has been feeling nostalgic lately since he learned his old ship is being towed to TX for scrapping. I thought a great Fathers Day gift would be to get him something from the ship. So, if anyone knows where I could find something authentic from the ship with the ships name name on it. I would be very appreciative. I dont have the faintest idea where to start looking.
  13. Thank you. Incidentally, I am Looking for a Father's Day gift for my Father (he is ex-Navy, '81-85), So if anyone knows where I can acquire authentic items from the USS Independence (CV-62, Aircraft Carrier) I would appreciate it.
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