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    1) Preserving My Family's Rich Military History
    2) USS Mayflower (PY-1) Research
    3) Collecting Naval Memorabilia
    4) Collecting North American Indian History, Artifacts, and Relics.
  1. New member requesting permission to come on board. :-) Wow that brings back a Beirut flashback and many others. I'm new to this forum and served 6 years in the US Navy (Uncle Sam's Canoe Club) as a Fire Control Technician. I was a missile type serving 4-1/2 years on board a guided missile destroyer (DDG) where I worked on the TARTAR surface-to-air and Harpoon surface-to-surface missile systems. I made 3 major, 6 months+ deployments to the Persian Gulf, Beirut and the Med. I was also part of Central America Ops off El Salvador and I was part of the Grenada invasion. In addition my ship spen
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