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  1. Thank you for posting this and congratulations! I am in an almost identical situation except the ending... You give me hope. Thank you again for posting.
  2. All, I would like to buy PFC Homer Tracey’s Purple Heart and other medals. He was my Grandfather. I found a link on this forum to his medals and contacted the person who posted them. I was told that they were sold several years ago but he did not remember who he sold them to. If you happen to be the person that owns them now and want to sell them, please contact me. If you own them and don’t want to sell them, I would appreciate you letting me know and then whenever you decide to sell, I humbly ask that you please let me have the first opportunity to purchase. Thank you, Mike
  3. It is very nice and from the civil war. Google "decrow ammunition pouch" and the first item listed looks like yours and they date it 1861.
  4. Wow, this is really interesting. I have never seen one before and would expect that they shouldn't be taken ashore. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. Yes, that was the website I saw the purple heart on (and on this website). Thank you for the reference to the 105th INF and Co K. I had not seen that before. Thanks again.
  6. I thought I would share a photograph that I had framed of my grandfather's unit (105th INF) that shows the 105th INF (middle and left) and 106th INF (right side) at (East View) Camp Wadsworth, SC in 1918 (must be winter as there is snow on the ground). Photo taken by W Armstrong (Troy, NY). The resolution is not great given the size limit but if you want closer in details, please let me know. Thanks Mike
  7. Welcome Bill, you will find the folks here ready to help you with any questions. This forum is a great resource. Mike
  8. Welcome to the USMF. The folks here are very helpful and love to answer questions,
  9. I am glad someone posted today or I never would have read this story. Fantastic officer and great research...
  10. Welcome, you will find a lot of information and people willing to help answer questions.
  11. Wow, that must have been very hard for the photographer but thank you for the back story and picture.
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