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  1. The Chief's Club used to be just inside the Makalapa Gate on the left hand side of the road. Its closed. The Enlisted Club/All Hands Club is in the Makalapa Gate, turn left and its on the left hand side there. The old hotel on the sub base still opens for special functions but I don't remember it specifically being referred to as an O'Club. The Sub Base MWR place under the pool might have had an enlisted club but honestly, I never went in it. I knew it had a Fatburger and an internet cafe in it for the enlisted guys, but that's all I knew about it.
  2. Well just identified it further as an 1840 Halls Type I Cavalry Model. Only 500 were ever made.
  3. No kidding? They actually had a legitimate O'Club beyond the small bar in the Navy Lodge. I guess that makes sense. It seemed rather small and now that I think of it the Gunners would all come down and drink in there too. Yeah soft patching, sorry bout that. Got my terms mixed up, maintenance type here.
  4. Active Duty Navy here. The O'Club out at NAS Fallon is still alive and very much so kicking. Fallon is home of Top Gun and most fighter squadrons do detachments out there to spruce up on tactics. Fighter Dice and trying to sneak up on the bar to slap a squadron sticker higher than the other guys before the barmaid catches you is still very much the name of the game. I was also invited to the CPO Club at Fallon and can verify it is likewise still running its A game. During our 1 month detachment out there both were open every night and every night we were in there partaking. It was described to
  5. Yeah, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it. I'm honestly not that big into Civil War and earlier collecting and it really wasn't something my grandfather truly valued. It was just kinda a wallhanger. Now the Type99 Arisaka with the mum still intact he brought back, that will stay in the family. This carbine, albeit incredibly cool, will probably get moved on to some more capable hands than my own.
  6. Great pictures! I was actually doing some volunteer work there and hanging out with some friends in the AAF reenactment group! That show is an absolute hoot. Glad I live all of 20 minutes from the museum. Wish they would have been able to get that 109 airborn but seeing the Catalina and the Mosquito in the air were pretty darn cool. They actually got the parachute squad out on Sunday but it was a little odd because the JU-52 broke down so they had to jump from the C-46 ... in full German Paratrooper garb.
  7. HUZZAH! I think you're correct. Mine does have an oddball breech release in comparison. Looks like most have a weird lever on the side and mine has that little flip around bit that just pokes it up from the bottom. Well, I now have a starting point to research from. Thanks again for the info!
  8. Greetings folks. So my grandfather had this old rifle always hanging on the wall of his house. He always told me it was just a toy. When he passed he left it to me and I obviously started to fiddle with it since that's kinda what I do and well, I thought it was just a toy. Well when the breech popped open I began to think this is probably not a toy at all. On the breech I can just barely make out something that looks like 184? so I'm guessing that's a date. Unfortunately my knowledge is rather limited on black powder rifles so I'm not even sure what I'd type to search this thing up to find out
  9. I appreciate the assist on this. I'll see about learning how to resize so the upload function works for me in the future!
  10. Wow, that's is quite unfortunate those items were just up and sold without asking the family. I'm very glad you were able to save at least a few. I was lucky, my Uncle's all knew I was a history buff so all of these items were earmarked for me at a young age. We almost lost the diary he kept through Armistice to my grandfather's second wife when they split. According to my uncle's some original photos departed our family thanks to her. I guess some people just don't understand the familial value these items hold. Anyways, glad I was able to share.
  11. Looks good. My old man was a door gunner out of Cu Chi in 66-67. He beat the cancer but it took its toll.
  12. Greetings Folks! This is my first posting on here so bear with me. Figured you all might be interested in seeing some of the items I have from my Great Grandfather. He's got an interesting story in that he immigrated to the US from Bremen, Germany around 1907-1908. So I have his German birth certificate, his passport AND ... notification from the German Army that he was not fit for service. He took up residence in New York City upon his arriving in the US and come WWI, was drafted. You can see both his draft cards in the documents pictures. His involvement is rather unknown to us. My Grandfath
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