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  1. Certainly seems the reasonable move. illinigander
  2. When I turned 17 in 1958, thru the NRA I got a 1911 with a REM-UMC slide, and the rest is Colt I think. The slide and the rest of the gun are a smooth grey finish that match quite well; so I wonder if any refinishing was arsenal done after WW2? The pistol came from Anniston and I can't remember if it was $17 or $18. Illinigander
  3. Chrome plateing of projectiles was also used by various manufacturing folk to pass out to important guests. illinigander
  4. Thanks robinb for posting this photo. It took me 40 years to get a copy of it. The fellow second from the right, name is Virgil Glore, and I think he was in the glider artillery. Years ago we worked together in the mechanical service dept. at a Federal Prison. I think I remember that he was involved in the 1944 landing in Southern France, but they did not glide in. I think he joined the army from Missouri, if this helps the folks who are good at finding soldier information. illinigander
  5. Have you contacted the Rock Island Arsenal Museum? illinigander
  6. Kevin- I have one but I could not find it first search; It should have been with the Ill S/A Regimental Histories, but is not. We are getting new windows and the house is torn up. I will look more tomorrow. I grew up in Aurora. Ken illinigander
  7. I have a similar m/1911 dummy aluminum gun that has RIA in very small letters on it. Bought it in an antique shop in NW Ill. The owner said it came from a local who had worked at Rock Island Arsenal and it was used in the leather shop as a holster gauge. I never got around to questioning RIA Museum when I have visited there. illinigander
  8. There was no nine-inch mortar round in US CW service. If you put your finger into the fuze hole, the large one , you will feel the case wall is quite thick compared to a mortar round. I wonder if the second is not some later addition? Illinigander
  9. I worked with one of the sailors who "brought her back" His family has a piece of the wreckage, Will have to see if they have a 704 card. Illinigander
  10. Austin- nothing about keys- but did you dig in the range backstop area? The fellow I got a machine gun ammo cart from gave me some fired M-3 37mm rounds and said he and his buddy dug a tank turret buried in the soil and were working on how to remove it. illinigander
  11. Thanks for the additional information. I once had a wood crate full of the frangibles but all are gone except for a 20 rd. box and a single specimen. Thanks for the shotgun photos. illinigander
  12. Thank you opus 50, manayunkak, and silverplate- The film was great, liked the explanation of the system and the 1/2 ton Dodges (I have a 1942 WC 21). Some of those photos could well have been Kingman. They had a small museum there but it closed about five years ago. I have a 25 round Western Cartridge Company box tho it is 6c. illinigander
  13. Question- Does there exist a roster with hometown for the crew of the UTAH? I have a 30" trench-art lamp(complete with naughty lady) that was purchased long ago at a farm sale outside Chelsea, MI. It came with a note signed Mother that detailed how her brother John, as a member of the Utah's crew had this lamp made from an artillery shell by a Chinese member of the crew illinigander
  14. Last week driving through AK I purchased a WW2 era wooden box that had contained RA (Rem.Arm.) 12 gauge #8 chilled shot, shotgun shells. That got me wondering the ammunition used for tow target weapons, as my uncle spent most of WW2 stationed at Kingman Army Air Corp Field at Kingman, AZ. One mission of the base was to train machine gun operators, who would end up defending bombers in unfriendly skies. He had several interesting stories of when the tow-pilot fliers thought the trainees were shooting at the plane rather than the tow-sock. After the pilot landed there would be fist-fights to help correct the aim of the shooters. Was the 12 gauge #8 shot used for this practice? Were there several different weapons used in this training? Illinigander
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