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  1. https://fr.findagrave.com/memorial/23533207/roy-s_-barger He did Normandy Combat Jump
  2. Hi, Just have one 2Lt Robert Steele at the 517PRCT 1Hq Don't have his ASN The Man I have was a S/Sgt commissioned and got the silver star. Made Dragoon combat jump. Domi
  3. I already have been to Verdun ... it will be impossible to turn around Verdun with just an half Day ... You must see Douaumont Fort, Baionette trench and Douaumont ossuary, and it's just a short list + the road to Bastogne. It Will be great if you could have 1 day more I'm also agree with Simon Lerenfort ... a short stop to the Greman Cemetery which is just 2 miles from Wood Jacques and a stop to Grandmenil is a good advice
  4. Saint Vith and Basstogne are totally opposite … You could do the Nuts cave (around 2 hours) and Bois Jacques = 1/2 day Henry Chapelle Dragoon'teeth and Saint Vith = 1/2 day I'm of course talking about a normal visit … no idea if you film … Will you arrive from Brussels Airport ? or somewhere Else. Will you start by the half day or the full day ??? Breendonk is very "interesting" … it could take another halfday and it's very close with Brussels Airport. I never met your friend … but I have a good friend who know very well Saint Vith Area … I could give you his address if yo
  5. I can help you about the Bulge. First of all need to say Bastogne is not the Bulge and the Bulge is not just Bastogne … You have 2 WW2 US Cemeteries; Henri Chapelle and Ardennes Cemetery. The most famous museum are; La Gleize Museum Baugnez ( Malmedy massacre) M&M's museum Nuts Cave (Bastogne) The Mess (Bastogne) The Mardasson (Bastogne) The Dragoon's teeth between Belgium and Germany A Nazi Prison Camp (Breendonk) And many Monument and visible traces like Foxholes Feel free to ask if you need more help Domi Domi
  6. I have a Francis G Calo but he was a 2lt 505PIR. KIA june 6, 1944 ASN O-1297493. I also have a S/Sgt Lawrence J Carson 327GIR ASN 35500321
  7. Got the n°1 one month before and still reading it ... great book
  8. I have a John Seath at the 17th Airborne, 466PFAB . Sadly no ASN and no more info
  9. Could be him ? Find a grave mémorial ID 43394981
  10. If you need help feel free to ask, I'm living very close with the Bulge area and it's a common place for me . DOmi
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