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  1. Your site "A War To Be Won" is most interesting! Thanks for posting it - I'll be visiting a lot. Art
  2. Don't sugarcoat it - give it to him straight Art
  3. Just FYI...... She's going to be 71 in Jan pfrost........ NICE! Art
  4. Just when I thought I knew everything (read: nothing). Thank you mtnman for a most enjoyable presentation. I was aware of the practice of flying sans bombardier and releasing on que when the lead plane did but it never occurred there had to be a specific position for that task. Art
  5. Oops, I got this kinda off topic. I apoligize Art
  6. rustywings: W O W! This is complicated stuff! I DEFINATELY need more books and better eyes! Thank you for opening them. Now you want to see the funny part? This is mine too and I never even noticed the difference between these and my Blackintons!!! Art
  7. Thanks for the response. I'm sure Blackinton made what is referred to a "First Pattern" Bombardier, at least in 2 inch, so I'd assume they made 3 inch as well, I just haven't seen them. But even if my assumption is wrong and they never made 3 inch, go figure why they made 2 inch Bombardiers but not Pilots. Or are they just so scarce you don't see them? (rhetorical question) Art
  8. I may be wrong (I'm new - cut me some slack), but I've seen Blackinton 1st Luxenberg pattern Bombardiers, but never a Pilot. Are there Blackinton 1st Luxenberg pattern Pilots, or is it just elusive to me? Art
  9. If I buy collectibles in a store or at an auction here in PA I give my resale number and don't have to pay sales tax. Ebay will NOT accept a resale number. The say the only way to avoid sales tax is to have a "Tax Exemption" certificate. That is not right - a lot of the stuff I USED to buy on ebay is for resale - no more - unless it's 6% cheaper than I'd normally pay. Art
  10. Thanks for all the help - I appreciate it. Just in case anybody else comes up with a 2" Luxenberg Bombardier they need to verify, the one Bob has on his site is a 3-inch - totally different dies. Here are some good quality pics I found of a 2" Luxenberg Air Crew that helped me. The hallmark is identical to the hallmark on my Bombardier, and the Air Crew one even has the same weakness of detail in the right wing my Bombardier has. Bob DOES have a 2 inch Air Crew Luxenberg on his site, but the pictures are a bit to dark to compare to. Thanks again, Art
  11. Here are a pair of pics I took in daylight - they came out better ----Rooster77 Bob doesn't have those on his site
  12. I've been wanting one of these since I started collecting about 6-8 months ago and I finally took the plunge. From everything I've learned so far it appears good to me but I'd love to get an expert opinion just to put my mind at rest. Can anyone give me thumbs up or down? --- it's exactly 2.06" x .71" Thanks in advance, Art
  13. This is hardly a biggie compared to most of the stuff listed, actually more of a *cheapie* but have you seen any around? 1.5" H&H Pilot
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