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  1. I just listed this patch on ebay. Not sure if i'm allowed to post this or not but please don't hesitate to scold me if I broke a rule. Heads up i'm also going to post in a different topic. Sorry if I'm being scolded and won't do it again if this is the case. Wanted to sell here but haven't hit the 50 posts yet and that could be quite awhile. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/282510455291?
  2. LoL.. I think 69' may be rolling my odometer back too far That was a great read though and I appreciate John posting it. Quite amazing how much was added by everyone. Definitely need to renew my dads ASMIC membership I remember some other great articles that I happened to read a few years ago when going through some of the paperback booklets he had laying around. Well worth the dues with all of the information one can soak up.
  3. Great Idea John! Now how do I roll my odometer back to 18?
  4. GREAT idea!! This will help me big league as soon as I figure out how to sell here lol. My ebay id is mousesmilitary I did all of the photographs and shipping for him when he was selling things now and then on ebay so nothing has changed.. just don't want to pay for all of their fees any longer..
  5. Awesome thanks everyone. Mine sure doesn't look so bad now that I see the one you showed. Sure would be great to see it in a museum or something similar to where it's actually being shown and put to good use. I just figured that it would've been a tad better on the paint seeing how it was never on a jacket etc.. Do you come across squadron patches like these unused often? Just curious. I'm also looking to sell this patch. Any help pricing or whom to deal with that is fair and honest? Also I will sell here once I'm able to per forum rules. (Might already be able to not sure) .. My father
  6. It measures 5 3/4" by 5 3/4" .. just too bad that the paint isn't much better than it is Thanks to everyone in advance for your help.
  7. Alright thanks for all of the information. I didn't think that they were real just because of how "new" they looked.. Like it was stated, even unused old should still look old.. I remember maybe 4 or 5 years ago I sold one of these patches on ebay thinking they were Korea period etc and sold it for around $50 .. must be they didn't know what you've just told me about these patches. I had listed them in unknown period and stated that it didn't glow and wasn't sure how old they were. Never got any complaint etc from the buyer and feel bad about it now but we honestly didn't know anything about t
  8. 6. F.A. Bn. ??? The book shows one but it has a yellow bolt and no border color. 7. 68th F.A. Bn.?? Looks like the one in the book. 8. 19th Ordnance Troop?? Looks like the one pictured in the book but mine has purple background instead of reddish color like the one shown. 9. backs all are similar to this one. Have photographs of each one but only allowed to post so many times per day. Can provide them if needed. Thanks everyone for any help and information you can give me on all of these patches.
  9. Are these from the 1930's? I'm told they are but wanted to make sure. Just not used to seeing patches that old that look this good. They are absolutely mint. No glow on any of them when black lighted either. .. I'll have to post twice to show all of the photographs There are 8 in total and I'm also not sure what some are. I've seen some that are similar to ones I've seen in the little book titled U.S. Military Shoulder Patches of the U.S. Armed Forces 5th Edition by Jack Britton & George Washington Jr. 1. 5th Q.M. Regt. (Mech.)??? Mine is a little different that the one in the boo
  10. So this is the place to start. I originally ended up coming here while doing an internet search on a few patches that I'm having trouble finding information on. Then I got TOTALLY sidetracked and couldn't help but look at different areas of this forum. Wish that my father would've known about this site and participated. I'm sure he would've really enjoyed it. He's taken a turn for the worst lately and just not himself any longer unfortunately. Memory is shot Early signs of dementia. Anyways I don't want to bring others down but he is the main reason why I've dibbled and dabbled with militaria
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