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  1. Hey Otter42! Not to get too far off from US militaria, but I'd say based on the coloration of the pattern, you've got a New Zealand DPM boonie. Australia can be ruled out as they never adopted DPM, and mainly used US tigerstripes and ERDLs in Vietnam. New Zealand did adopt several DPM patterns, however like Australia, they mostly used American items during the war. That particular pattern was adopted around 1986 - Which still actually makes it interesting (militaria from New Zealand is often hard to find), but sadly out of the context of the era your inquiring.
  2. Also, figure this thread might be of some interest, similar in topic http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/239555-commercial-vs-issued-multicamscorpionocp/
  3. Hey there folks! Thought this comparison photo would be appropriate here. Right is a commercial ACU (Propper I think), while left is a government ACU, from before 2014 (best guess as without a DLA, I don't know how to date ACUs). The government item was either unissued or barely used, as the fabric is still stiff, Velcro is in really good condition, and there is almost no fading on it. At least from what I've seen, there's not really much of a difference in the pattern between the two items, though I'd certainly agree with everyone else's sentiments that there is a qualitative difference in th
  4. Thanks! Yeah... Certainly has meant that I've been for want of more storage space
  5. Hey Y'all! Long time lurker to the forum here. I originally came years back out of my obsession for militaria from the Vietnam-era, specifically Tropical Rucksacks, Tiger-Stripes, 60s-era loading bearing gear, and headgear. I still have a passion for that era, although my interests have largely shifted towards more recent items, such as BDUs and DCUs. I also have a specific interest in cold-weather gear, including the long lineage of M1943-M1965 field jackets, N3B and M1965 parkas, and ECWCS gear. I'm also passionate for militaria in general - in addition to American items, I've collected Cana
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