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  1. Thanks for the links gents, the 1st Inf Div archives is exceptional! The G2 reports are revealing some interesting things so thanks so much for that.
  2. I'm off to Normandy in a few weeks hoping to retrace the 16th Inf Div, 1st ID from the beach and the route south for the first week post D-Day. I'm trying to find period maps and documents post 6/6/44 to build up the picture and to help convey the story for those I'm taking but I'm struggling to find much online that details what happened after landing on Omaha. If anyone is able to help with maps, reports etc I'd be most grateful and it'll really help my family members who are flying to the UK and then travelling to Normandy for the first time from WI.
  3. Hi everyone, Finally joined the forum after months of forgetting to. I've always had a strong interest (obsession?) in anything U.S. related from WW2, but specifically the 8th USAAF (both FG and BG units) having been lucky enough to grow up near some 1st Div bases in the UK. I've also got a big interest in the Airborne and Infantry as well as the FABTF units that fought in Dragoon. Thanks, Jon
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