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  1. The only Westerman I found in the 36th ID roster is S/Sgt Billy B. Westerman, B/111th Med. Bat.
  2. I read somewhere that the 159e RIA crest was presented to A. Murphy to remind him of a meal he shared with the men of the 159th RIA in Ramatuelle (Southern France). Hope it helps. Dan.
  3. Looks like a modified reinforced camo TTA jacket mainly worn in Algeria.
  4. Very nice little grouping. Congrats. Any idea what the letters "B A" stand for?
  5. Matt, Your G. uncle is listed in the 36th ID roster, in the Anti-tank Coy of the 141st IR. He was from Montcoal, WV. For further details you should contact the 36th ID forum here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/texasmilitaryforcesmuseum/36th-infantry-division-f1/ What was his Army Serial Number (ASN) please? Hope it helps. Dan.
  6. He is a former basket ball player (in France) and historian. He is a shame for his country and the historian community. Dan.
  7. According to the 36th ID roster, he is listed in the Med. Det. of the 142d Inf. IMO Photo #1 was taken in Germany in 1945 (probably in Kaiserslautern). I think the wreck seen on photo #2, is one of the Hetzers that Kenneth G. Welker knocked out with his bazooka during the battle of Oberhoffen, in Feb. 1945. Welker was later awarded DSC for this action. Photos in post #8 were taken in the village of Bains-les-bains, in the Vosges mountains, where the rest camp of the 36th div. was located from Dec. 1944 to Jan. 1945. Dan.
  8. Many thanks for honoring the memory of a true hero.
  9. Splendid grouping ! The Italian made T-patch is just awesome...
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