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  1. If ya got one post a pic. I need some reference pics so I know what to look for while out searching. Thanks.
  2. Thanks folks. I need to get back to the store for some 4 pocket page's.
  3. Thanks. Is there another option for displaying or storing SSI in a binder? Thanks.
  4. For those who display or store their WW2 SSI in this way what did you use? It looks like the Ultra Pro 4 Pocket pages would work well. Or is there a better option? Thanks.
  5. Anyone know where I can look into buying one 30mm round? Thanks.
  6. I am new to collecting. What is the patch king?
  7. Hi Randy, So who are the reputable sellers that you know? Besides the F-4 Phantom I am interested in A-10 Warthog and any patches with a Devil type character on them, Thanks,Dale
  8. Thanks. I am concentrating on WW2 patches right now but have seen several from the Vietnam era that I want.
  9. There are so many cool looking ones out there so how do I tell which ones were worn on uniforms? The ones not worn on uniforms are called morale patches right? Were they made for collecting only? Thanks.
  10. Pippin

    Riker Mounts

    Do they make case large enough to display all the WW2 Army Divisions in one case? Thanks.
  11. So the shirts worn were of OD color and not khaki right? I am just looking for one big enough to cut down to use as a backing for my WW2 Army Division Patches. Thanks.
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