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  1. Very nice group. Super. If you want to let a numbered one gone, I am ready. All the best
  2. Hello Lovnik or Bonjour I was born near Bastogne but now I live next to you in Thionville. Maybe we could meet and talk about knives All the best A bientôt j'espère
  3. Hello everybody and congratulations for post, very interresting. Here is a pic of my WWII John EK knives collection. A serie with lanyard hole and another one without ( except model 7) All the best Eric
  4. Hello Doyler and thanks for comments I see in the bottom of yor message: In Memoriam: Lieutenant J.Kostelec 1-3 First Special Service Force MIA/PD 4 March 1944 Italy I got a grouping form Sergeant Tiny Beacon who was in Italy with the FSSF. Garisson cap, patch, V42, photos and letter describing when and where he was wounded. I will make some pics and post it . All the best
  5. More pics of knives and my personnal tribute to Vet: a 48 stars flag with 48 dogtags with next of kin from each state. I am very proud of it Let me know your mind
  6. Hello and thanks to every members. Here are some more pics. As you can see, a lot of knives must still be dispayed because I have moved last year and times run so far First : knives with trenchart on sheat "Pin up or ladies" Then knives to display All the best Usknivesnmore
  7. Hello, I was born in a little village near Bastogne, one of the biggest battle for US Army in WWII, and till 10 years old, I collect items from battlefield. My first piece was a german helmet found in a german foxhole. Twenty years ago, i changed my focus and only collect US WWII knives. I prefer non official knives as John EK, Baker, Richtig... but also have M3, MK1, MK2 and more. Here are a part of my collection I will post more pics later. Happy to be on the place where I can learn more about knives and more. All the best Usknivesnmore
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