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  1. I picked up this MP armband at a flea market and it struck me as odd because instead of snaps or a safety pin it has three elastic bands and is very small in diameter, at least I think so.
  2. Weren't most if not all liners with decals done post war? (Korea?)
  3. If you have any M1936 suspender sets you'll wanna throw those on with the OD3 stuff. Except for the USMC set you'll need M1941 suspenders for those. And for late war I believe either OD7 M1936 suspenders if those are a thing or M1944 suspenders. If your OD7 cartridge belt doesn't have clip retention straps it is KW era. The brass hardware makes me think it is Korean War without even seeing the presence or lack thereof of retention straps.
  4. +1 on repro straps. The weave in the webbing looks an awful lot like J Murray straps. He restored a junked FS SB for me and comparing those straps to the picture they are almost identical.
  5. If anyone can help with veteran research please PM me.

  6. Okay update, serial number is written again on the inside of one of the flaps, 17047244, intials are also written, RCV.
  7. Hello guys I have a mounted canteen cover (M1917) that has the serial number 17_47244 and I have tried searching the National Archives enlistment records but to no avail. Can anyone help? I believe the blank to either be a 2 or a 3. Although it wouldn't be hard to try 1-9. The cover was purchased around St. Louis, Missouri which I believe to be it's origin as from what research I have done 17 is the code for Missouri. If this isn't in the right section please move it. Thank you! Duncan
  8. Does it have a QM number? All KW headbands I own have a QM number and I believe they stopped using them after Korea.
  9. I have a mint conditon Schlueter (293A) that came out of Wisconsin (state not the ship) any idea if it could have been from one of the aforementioned groupings?
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