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  1. Friend of mine found a case of MREs in the basement of his new house. the following is on the out side of the case. 8970-00-149-1094 MEAL, READY-TO-EAT, IND. 12 MEALS A/A WT.21.8 CU. 0.99 SPM3S1-12-D-Z108 SOPACKCO INC. mULLINS, S.C. 29574-1047 U.S GOVERNMENT PROPERTY COMMEERCIAL RESALE IS UNLAWFUL Any idea of a year of mfg, and if they may be any good? is there any value to them?? Thanks
  2. From the mud caked helmet, looks like the photo was taken while they were filming the muddy farm house scene.
  3. I believe the 2 marked KL were manufactured by the Keeler Brass Company in Grand Rapids MI.
  4. can we determine anything from the version of the American flag?? the stars seem pretty big. by 1912 it would be a 48 star flag.
  5. You can get a restored one from www.miltecharms.com FYI, for the Johnson rifle its POR, a restored M-1 Garand is $1,900. Im guessing the Johnson would be in the 3 grand range.
  6. It has been a few years now but some buddies and I used to do any annual camp/fish trip to the area around Camp Grayling MI (north central lower peninsula). Two tracking around the SW part of the reservation we saw they Mock Village training area. 15-20 buildings, one even looks like a mosque, check points ect. even the road signs in the area were in Arabic. I Googled Camp Grayling Training village, there are a few images.
  7. I guess I should put a bit finer point on it. I grew up outside of K.I. Sawyer AFB, our elementary school was on base. Every morning I watched a SP wave us past the gate and once a month or so when there was an alert they would inspect our school bus. I am working on a uniform display to my collection and would like the weapons to be accurate. My cousin was stationed at Sawyer as a buck sgt (3 stripes) and the SPs that walked the bus carried a rifle and side arm. Thanks for the info on the features of the M-16 type rifle and the S&W mod 15, does anyone know the standard type holster a
  8. Is the front man wearing a BAR belt?? Rear man holding a carbine with no bayonet lug?
  9. what was the standard M-16 type issued at the time to the USAF? partial fence or full fence receiver, slab side or forward assist, 3 prong or bird cage flash hider? Also what would have been the standard side arm? would a staff Sgt (E-5) have been issued if any. I would appreciate any help from those that may have actually served in the role. thanks
  10. Just a shot in the dark but I believe that the 4th Michigan Infantry was known for wearing plaid shirts.
  11. This is pretty cool, http://www.superyachts.com/motor-yacht-2572/ss-delphine.htm more info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Delphine_(1921) Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZkX-Lknkh8
  12. Here is a thread from the AR-15 website, the thread is focused on VN era M-16s and its variants but the photos show everything else from web gear, camo uniforms, other weapons, and locations. Its a long thread (30+ pages) and some photos are not available anymore but its worth looking through. enjoy http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_3_123/290812_The_NEW_Real_Deal_AR_15_M_16_retro_picture_thread.html
  13. Looks to be a Jones style hunting cap with the back of the brim folded down.
  14. That is absolutely amazing. If Im not mistaken the 1st Inf. Reg. was assigned to the Department of the Lakes through the mid 1880's. They served at posts such as Fort Wayne Detroit, Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island (which was the nations 2nd national park for a time before being turned over to the state of Michigan.) Fort Brady at Sault St. Marie and others around the Great Lakes.
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