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  1. My wifes grandmother had one of these in her china cabinet. When I expressed interest my mother in law took it. Rob
  2. I am also a big fan of painted WWI helmets & you guys have some super examples. Here is a 77th Division helmet in excellent condition. Rob
  3. I also have an invasion armband as part of an exstensive 9th Infantry Division group. He was an artillery officer who took part in Operation Torch. He wore the armband from November 8th - 11th, 1942 during the landing at Safi, Morroco. The armband is made of cotton and like yours he wrote his information on the reverse. Rob
  4. Some very nice variations of 77th patches, here is one more to add. Rob
  5. You may want to exercise some caution while trying to remove these dents. I have tried the same practice of hammering a piece of 2X4 against a dent on a near unissued fixed bail shell. The result removed the dent but the vibration from the hammering broke loose the weld on one of the fixed bales. Rob
  6. A few years back at the MAX show I had bought 25-30 M3 Thompson slings that were said to have come out of Russia. Most were unissued but all showed some degree of age & storage wear. Rob
  7. Yes, the helmet is a British Brodie. I do not know if the hole for the EG&A was punched through or drilled, I never removed the insignia to inspect it. The EG&A is screwback and appears to have the same conical shaped nut as posted by Forum Support. Here is a close up photo of the inside of the shell showing the nut holding the EG&A in place. The inside rim of the shell is also named "TRAVIS" in what looks to be black grease pencil. Thanks for checking it out! Rob
  8. Here are some pics of my USMC M1917 helmet. This helmet has that salty combat used look and is one of my favorite helmets in my collection. Rob
  9. Here is my Case M3 with Milsco M6 scabbard Rob
  10. Here is a nice example of a WWII USMC 5th Amphibious Corps patch with a funny little story to go with it. I bought this patch direct from the veteran a few years ago. As he was taking things out of a box to show me I saw him pause as he held this patch in his hand. I thought he was reminiscing something about his old unit but instead he said a short curse word and swiped at the back of the patch with his thumbnail. I looked over to see what was wrong and to my dismay he was trying to rip the original price tag off the back of the patch. I asked him to please leave the tag in place and to
  11. I believe the Doberman in the photo is from a USMC unit. It comes from a set of photos that was put out by the Marine Corp. Rob
  12. Sad photo, tending to a wounded Doberman. I hope he made it.
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