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  1. Dustin, thanks for providing some period photos of how these lights were stored in aircraft, not something often seen. During my rounds of researching flashlights on the forum I have come across posts showing your collection of lights, very impressive I might add. Over the years I have put together a small collection of working USA, USAAF & USN models. I did not go out specifically looking for them, they are just some of the examples that came my way that I kept. Here is a photo of what I have thus far. They all work with the exception on the AAF A-9 hand energized flashlight and I
  2. Thanks for the reply dustin! It certainly is an interesting variation, has in my opinion an art deco look about it. I have put together a collection of working U.S. WWII era flashlights over the years and this one will make a nice addition. Rob
  3. I recently picked up this flashlight made by USA Lite. It has a nickel plated body with a black steel head & end cap. The body is stamped U.S.N. and the switch has a patent date of 1921. I tried it out with 2 D cells and it works! I looked around but could not find anything on this particular model. I am thinking it dates to the interwar period, 1920's - 1930's? Just curious if anyone else has one or has any information they could share. Thanks! Rob
  4. Bringing this back to the top as I just picked up one of these 40 loop belts and I have the same question. Thanks, Rob
  5. Thanks for all the additional info, very much appreciated! Rob
  6. Thanks MastersMate for that detailed description, now I know what that was specifically used for! The bearing bar Sundance is referring to is a different instrument. Looks to be some sort of sighting device, here are a few photos of the item in question. Rob
  7. Sundance, I have 2 of them in this collection & both are marked the same way as yours. Maybe someone can shed some light on them for both of us. Rob
  8. Thanks, glad to hear you guys like it. Thank you MastersMate for the info on the Pelorus & sorry to hear of the demise of those life boat compasses. Rob
  9. I recently bought this collection of WWII USN instruments I thought some of you Navy guys might appreciate. This collection consists of 32 pieces in total to include scopes, sights, sextants, signaling devices, map reading devices, clocks, compasses, gauges, etc. Many are in their original wooden transit cases. Below are a few overall photos, hope you enjoy. Rob
  10. Thanks 3rdMarDivMP & Chris for the clarification and for explaining the responsibilities for the WWII era V-2 Division. Rob
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