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  1. I bought some lots through DRMO from 1998-2002 at Lakehurst & Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. Never saw anything dating back to WWI but there was some WWII stuff mixed in here & there. I got a few pistol belts, mess kits and best of all M-1 helmets. There were both fixed and swivel bales, even a few with painted rank and one MP. The MP was a fixed bail with a post war paint job. Rob
  2. Very Very nice! I was wondering if the numbers on the 34th are bullion or metal? If metal, I thought they might be the numbers taken off of German shoulder boards. I have seen that before. Rob
  3. Link did not work but try to cut & paste in browser.
  4. Very nice jacket! I can't tell from your photos but is your Ike theater made? If so, your jacket might have been made in The Netherlands. I have an Ike with the sleeves lined in the same German camo parachute material with a tailor label from Heerlen in the Netherlands. usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7136-theater-made-german-us-officers-uniform/?hl=%2Bcamo+%2Blined+%2Bike#entry43880 Rob
  5. 'Flage, apparently not all 45 dated army cartridge belts were made without the retaining straps. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/340207-unissued-1945-dated-od-7-cartridge-belt-and-more/&do=findComment&comment=2736807 Rob
  6. Good observations! It suppose it could be Ron's tribute to his Dad's service but the jacket did not belong to his father if he died in 1950. I looked at some other photos of him wearing it and it appears to be a M-1965. Rob
  7. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/161632-1943-m1923-and-korean-era-m1923-od-with-early-closures/?hl=%2Bretaining+%2Bstraps&do=findComment&comment=1223644
  8. Hello Ed, Yes, it could be. I have a 1945 dated belt that was manufactured without the retaining straps. Rob
  9. Steve1989 has been doing this with various military rations for a few years now. He has also consumed a piece of Civil War hardtack. As a collector I agree it is painful to watch such a scarce ration be destroyed. On the other hand, he allows us to see aspects of these rations that we as collectors would probably not venture to do. I guess in the long run I find him to be a valuable reference. I have watched most of his videos and find myself refering back to them when needed. Rob
  10. I could not make out the date but whenever you see 5 or 6 lines of nomenclature on these packs they date post war. M1945 packs dating to WWII are usually just marked with the manufacturer name & date. Rob
  11. Did he also serve after WWII? The pack dates post war so if he only served during WWII he must have picked it up after the fact. Rob
  12. Old Blood and Guts Fred G. Sanford
  13. What first comes to my mind is Welcome Back Kotter. Vinny Barbarino wore a USN G-1 flight jacket & Arnold Horshack wore an M-65 field jacket. Rob
  14. Could it be CD for Civil Defense? Rob
  15. Thanks for the help, very much appreciated! Rob
  16. Thanks for the reply! The belt will adjust out to 48 inches. Here are a few photos that I hope might shed some more light. Thanks, Rob
  17. Thanks again for the excellent reference photos Dustin! Rob
  18. Pararaft, thanks for posting that great photo of the float light in the cockpit. Dustin, the float light in question has a manufacturer date 1942. The reverse of the instruction tag has an ink stamp that the battery expires in March, 1944. Here are a few photos - At the advice of your unpaid spokesmen I will have to look into your reference books!
  19. The second light down has a brass band, not a decal. It is marked "Approved by Bureau Marine inspection and navigation".
  20. Learn something new everyday, I have only seen those float lights described as man overboard lights. In my photo, the smaller light was made by sculler dated 1942, the larger light is made by Delta dated 1943.
  21. You are right, there is not much info out there about them. I think they are man overboard marker lights. The light is removed from the bracket and thrown overboard to help mark the position for rescue. Rob
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