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  1. That is an interesting point Tom. I am left wondering if camo mosquito bars are known to have been issued in the ETO? I was not under the impression that they were. Rob
  2. Thanks for the additional photos. I was well aware that the camo parachute material was used by both the US & the Germans. When I first saw the photo I posted the material looked (to me) as if it could have been cut from something else. After it was pointed out that he also had it tied around his neck it became clear what it was. The 5th division liner used for your avatar I believe you bought from me, looks good! Rob
  3. Very nice bringback daggers! The Heer is not missing the grip wire, it was not a feature of this dagger. Rob
  4. You are correct, the message was subtle and probably went over the heads of some G.I.'s. Rob
  5. That's strange, there is some kind of autocorrect working here that keeps changing the word to provenance. Rob
  6. That should read provenance and not provenance. Rob
  7. That's not how I am reading it. The condolences the Germans are giving the G.I. are "tongue in cheek" and are not sincere. They are giving a dig to the G.I. by saying provenance saved Hitler from the July 20 plot but provenance did not save FDR. Basically thay are saying god is on our side & not yours. The Germans are also implying that President Wilson was in the wrong for entering the war against Germany during WWI and contributing to their defeat. They are saying that FDR will face the same "judgement" as Wilson for his wrong doings. Th
  8. Good eye with the scarf Bill, you know I was so fixated on the helmet I did not notice that. That all makes sense. Rob
  9. Here is an example of a German propaganda leaflet taunting U.S. forces over the death of President Roosevelt. It measures 5 inches X 3 inches, I would assume it was delivered by way of a propaganda shell. Interesting to see that the Germans were still hard at work with this sort of thing so late in the game. Rob
  10. I came across this photo today and thought it was interesting enough to post. Shows a T-Patcher in Italy wearing a frogskin helmet cover. Best explanation I could figure is it's a section of camo parachute but the material looks like it could be thicker. What do you guys think? Rob
  11. This WWI spare parts box for the M1918 BAR is as found from an old estate. There are plenty of these boxes previously posted as they are not a hard item to find. I have had many of these boxes pass through my hands (more so WWII dated) over the years but this is the first one I found that still contained it's original contents. I enjoy finding things such as this, it's like opening a time capsule. So here is the box with contents as this particular soldier, sailor or marine carried it. It contains an oil can, combination tool, chamber/small cleaning brush combination, trigger guard retain
  12. It appears it was used earlier than that. Sugar packs included in rations dating from WWII can be found measured in both grams & ounces.
  13. I believe this packet is Korean War era. Steve1989 on youtube opened a similar accessory packet. Although his is packed inside a c rat can instead of the paper/foil packet the contents are pretty much the same. Rob
  14. Here is one for you guys..........
  15. Hey, great find! He used the same name stamp on both the canteen cover and the cover of your score book. You can see the same ink smudges over the A and the R. Rob
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