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  1. Sure thing Jerry, here are some photos of the contents. He served with USMC squadrons during WWII and then again in Korea. Rob
  2. Thanks for the comments. The points that both of you have made had already crossed my mind. I thought it might have been U.S. Navy but as you said, with the lack of the typical USN marking I discounted that. Could it have been made for railroad use? I suppose that's a possibility. As far as trench art goes I guess that's also possible but I think it's just made too perfect. Rob
  3. I thought the holes for the screws were just gunked up with shellac. I am not sure if they are blunted but I see what you are talking about. I think they are both the same just one hole has less filler in it showing the end of the screw.
  4. Thanks for all the comments thus far. Yes, I am sure the knife & blade are original, it's just the grips that are in question. I agree it's very well done and the grip fit is flawless. I just wanted to make sure this was not some kind of rare variation or anything like that, sometimes you never know. Rob
  5. Came across this brass lamp but cant figure out what is it's exact purpose or it's nomenclature. Only marking I see are U.S. 44 on the bottom and the glass is marked P.S. CO. Heavy & well made, has some colored plastic filters. Measures about 8 inches tall. Thanks for any help! Rob
  6. I came across this Robeson No. 20 and needed a few opinions. I looked around for other Robeson No. 20's but could not find another with wooden grips. I have a book by Cole that mentions wooden grips but does not show an example. One side of the grip is ordnance stamped. My questions are is the wood grip on this knife correct? If so, it appears to me that someone had applied a coat of shellac to grips? Just wanted to confirm that is not the original finish on the grips before I go ahead and do something I might regret by removing it. Any help letting me know what I have here would be ap
  7. I just noticed on my chest that there are 2 lists of of contents labels, one placed directly over the other. Not sure if the original label was damaged and they placed another over it or if revisions were made requiring a new label. If it was because of revisions the contents of these chests may vary.
  8. Not everyone is required to register for this just yet. You will get notifications from ebay when your time comes.
  9. I think you found a real nice one for $100. I suppose you could buy some of the M1917 parts needed from a source such as Numrich Arms but it might be a costly endeavor. Not sure how to go about finding the correct tools. When I bought mine I never considered trying to fill the chest, just thought it looked cool as is. Rob
  10. I am in the process of this as well and I believe it has to be linked to a checking account. Rob
  11. I bought one a few months ago, paid $90 for it. I don't believe they bring much more than that, I would bet you could find a real nice example for under $200. Your chest gets a few extra points for having the paper parts list is in excellent shape and the metal box insert being present. Neat find! Rob
  12. Thanks again for all of your help, Rob
  13. According to this reference the WWI service chevron was also worn on whites - https://uniform-reference.net/insignia/usn/usn_ww1_service_chevron.html Do you know how to date the CPO rate? I know much has to do with the way the eagle head faces.
  14. So do you think the rate could possibly be original to the jacket? Since someone has enhanced it with the WWI chevron & service stripe do you think it's best to remove them? Thanks for the help! Rob
  15. I do not believe so, maybe a few here and there slipped through the cracks unmarked.
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