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  1. I picked up this 101st white tongue and just wanted to run it past the forum to confirm if it's a good one. Feels & looks right to me but I am far from the last word on patches It's a no glow & is said to come from a good source. Thanks! Rob
  2. Wow, don't think I could ask for a more comprehensive or in depth explanation! Thanks for thaking the time for uploading all of these great photos. When I frist bought the box I looked online but found next to nothing about it, now there will be a great reference for it here. I noticed the photos of the box from Fort Hamilton. Given the location of where I found my box on Long Island I cant help but imagine it may have come out of Fort Hamilton or even a better chance out of Camp Hero at Montauk. Rob
  3. Thanks for the additional information! I look forward to seeing some photos of the box you have. Rob
  4. Thank you for the excellent information and for that outstanding series of photos! I had looked around on the internet and could only find a modern photo from Battery Osgood-Farley. They show the box on the wall of their restored Battery Commanders station but the door is open and I could not read that it said Battery Commander. Now if I could only find the EE-91 phone & headset to put inside. Rob
  5. Recently picked up this rather unique item & thought I would share a few photos. U.S. Army Signal Corps gun telephone call box as would be mounted in a coastal artillery battery commanders station. The box is heavy as all hell and is built like a tank. The box reatins it's original paint. Thanks for checking it out! Rob
  6. I would appreciate that, thank you! Since the light is directed upward it could very well be a runway lamp. Rob
  7. As far as I can tell that is correct. With the flight suit and heavily worn leather helmet I assume he may have seen flight time in some aspect but not positive.
  8. Thanks Jerry & you are correct about the USN flight suit.
  9. Yes, he was an aircraft mechanic with VMR-953 during WWII & VMF-232 during Korea.
  10. Thanks, & yes, I did know that. He used it as a flight helmet. Rob
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