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  1. I just finished watching the series and I liked it. A few of the scenes I thought were over the top but overall it was very well done. I was impressed with the level of detail that went into this. They got a few things wrong here and there but you could tell they did their homework. Rob
  2. Dominos? I feel sorry for you guys who have to eat pizza outside of New York. Awesome holster and even more so with the original packaging, love it! Rob
  3. Thanks for the photo Mac! Do you think the sight in the period photo is the exact same model as the one I have? Mine does not have the sights mounted on top. I wonder if the sights were held on by clamps and are missing from mine. Rob
  4. Sure Mac, here are a few pics of the sight, MK 3-7 dated 1942. Rob
  5. I think I have the bombsight for the Dauntless as well.
  6. Thanks Mac, I just matched it up with some Dauntless cockpit images and you are correct! Rob
  7. I picked up these two instruments that I would like to properly ID before I eventually sell them. The first is a bomb release handle Mark 4 Model 3 and the second is a Army Air Forces ammunition counter for left & right guns. I searched around on the internet but have found next to nothing about them. What I would really like to know is what specific aircraft are these instruments associated with? I know the ammunition counter dates from WWII but I am not positive about the bomb release handle? Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Rob
  8. That's just the news I wanted to hear. Thanks guys, very much appreciated! Rob
  9. I picked up this 101st white tongue and just wanted to run it past the forum to confirm if it's a good one. Feels & looks right to me but I am far from the last word on patches It's a no glow & is said to come from a good source. Thanks! Rob
  10. Wow, don't think I could ask for a more comprehensive or in depth explanation! Thanks for thaking the time for uploading all of these great photos. When I frist bought the box I looked online but found next to nothing about it, now there will be a great reference for it here. I noticed the photos of the box from Fort Hamilton. Given the location of where I found my box on Long Island I cant help but imagine it may have come out of Fort Hamilton or even a better chance out of Camp Hero at Montauk. Rob
  11. Thanks for the additional information! I look forward to seeing some photos of the box you have. Rob
  12. Thank you for the excellent information and for that outstanding series of photos! I had looked around on the internet and could only find a modern photo from Battery Osgood-Farley. They show the box on the wall of their restored Battery Commanders station but the door is open and I could not read that it said Battery Commander. Now if I could only find the EE-91 phone & headset to put inside. Rob
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