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  1. Yeah. I saw a 1888 stamp in the lining just now. Cross referencing some imaging. Thanks.
  2. Could someone positively I.d this tunic as an Indian wars era Mass. state militia tunic? The buttons and stamps check out. Just not certain of the era. Thnks a bunch.
  3. Hope someone can help me with this. Just saw this tunic not sure if it's a Span Am blouse or a dress d up musicians jacket. It's made by MC Lilly so one doesn't know. Thanks for any input.
  4. Can anyone help I.d what looks to be som sort of a U.S ski parka but seems a little odd in some aspects. Just one pic to go on. Apologies.
  5. Need quick I'd. I've always understood that U.S army blouses did not have the outlining trim. I saw what was claimed to be an 1895 officers undress blouse and saw that it had such trim. Thought I'd ask.
  6. There's even button snaps on the collar in one pic. Look a bit more modern.
  7. I think that was the founding of the company. The Inning is definitely not a 1790 quality lining. It's a look of mid to late 1800s. I'd ascertain.
  8. These are the best pics. Nothing written underneath. There not as old as the website suggests but def similar. Maybe ceremonial. The write up Imsaw with this coat suggests this was used upcunt L the span am war.
  9. Can anyone I.d this type,of frock. Supposedly a Baltimore militia artillery frock coat. Awesome if anyone has any input. Thanks.
  10. Agreed. Most I've seen had dates. And makers labels I.e brooks brothers.
  11. I see a lot of these and I'm always perplexed trying to date them. If anyone can shed some light on any clues on dating this particular jacket. Thanks. Sorry about the blurry button picture.
  12. Came across this coat. Labeled Victorian. Doubt it's. Spoeonoc as it's too good to be true someone mentioned it looked a little Ike a Mexican military. Early 1800s. Anyone possible I.d to? Or have any clues. Maybe a parade coat of some sort c
  13. I am trying to find the stamp. I'll look under the headband. In the meantime I'll post more pics. It looks really good.
  14. I'm waiting for it to get here I'll definitely give it a once over. I can return it if not. But it looks very promising.
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