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  1. I’m asking for help with this. There are some very unusual characteristics with this holster. The us stamp is on the back side . It has a snap to keep the flap open. This also has a smaller than usual brass swivel . It also has no belt attachment. This is in mint condition. Any thoughts about this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. In regard to the belt plate what years were these made and used ?
  3. Great knife. I guess I should be looking more on Craig’s list.
  4. I picked this up the other day. I know it’s old but is this from the civil war like I was told ? Any and all comments are welcome.
  5. Thanks. I’m going to do some more research. I would gladly donate this for a good cause. The only thing shipping would be a problem because it weighs a ton.
  6. Thanks for the input. I never thought about it being a grave marker. Any idea about age?
  7. Very heavy cast iron plaque that looks to me like it would be placed on top of a wood post. What is it? What time frame?
  8. I have 2 sets of putties both original. One has a cream color strap the other the regular green strap. My question is has anyone ever seen putties like the one with the cream color strap? They have cross stitching that are 1 inch apart going the whole length. are they usa ? as you can see from the pictures the putties i'm questioning are bigger than the other one. Both are 4 inches wide. Thanks in advance Dave
  9. can anybody id this shell for me. Thanks in advance
  10. I just had to laugh when I saw this and then shake my head when it sold.
  11. Yes, I decided to sell this. My collection is getting to big and I’m getting to old. My wife tells me she is going to give my collection away when I die so I’ have decided to sell off a good portion of it. My purchases have also gone down to near o. It’s going to take me years to sell what I have. I have passed on the information here to the new owner who is ecstatic with the purchase. I’m glade this is going back to Washington that is where it belongs.
  12. Thanks allot for the information I really appreciate it.
  13. Great post and pictures. I have never heard about this. Thanks Dave (U.P. Mich )
  14. Sorry for the spelling mistake. Thanks for the info. I Have a grouping of medals that belong to a captain Marshall Scudder. This medal is one part of that grouping. 2 of others are engraved to him. I just wanted to check the number to see if this was definitely his. With no positive Id on this I have to assume that this could be his.
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